Xi Tea price adjustment policy dust settled, 15-25 yuan into the mainstream price belt

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On February 24, Xi Cha announced the completion of the comprehensive product price adjustment since January this year, no new drinks of more than 29 yuan will be launched this year, and promised that the existing products will not rise in price this year.Previously, xi Tea in the product materials and quality of the premise of the product price has been lowered.After the price adjustment, except for limited products and peripheral products in some cities, as well as a small number of products in LAB stores and handmade stores, the product price of Xicha mainstream stores has been lower than 30 yuan, and products priced between 15 and 25 yuan have accounted for more than 60% of all xicha products.This round of price reduction of Xi Cha benefits from its brand potential, scale advantage and continuous accumulation in the supply chain, which will bring higher quality products to more users.Happy tea drinks have bid farewell to 30 yuan Happy tea today to the previous price reduction rumors carried out in response.As early as January 2022, Hecha started a round of price cuts.Comparing the menu, we found that the price adjustment covers the vast majority of products in the whole category such as cheese tea, fruit tea, milk tea, pure tea and coffee sold by Xi Cha, with the price adjustment range ranging from 1 to 10 yuan, and the price adjustment range of single product is up to 10 yuan.At present, except for a small number of special products, the price of Xi Tea drinks has been lower than 30 yuan.Among them, the price of pure green tea and American coffee is only 9 yuan after the price adjustment.Through this price adjustment, Xi Cha with the same materials and quality, for a wider range of users to bring high-quality products.All along, Xi Cha insists on creating high-quality tea for consumers.Before xixi Tea started its business in 2012, vegetable fat, tea powder and fruit powder were the mainstream raw materials of the beverage industry at that time. Since Zixi Tea pioneered cheese tea with fresh milk, cheese and real tea, the real new tea was born.In the past ten years, Xi Cha has always adhered to the use of real fruit, real milk, real tea and other high-quality raw materials, and launched a number of high-quality tea products.High quality does not mean high price.This price is also like tea in the mainstream of its products in the normal adjustment of the price belt.Xi Cha says it has never been an expensive tea.During the growth and development of Xi Cha, the price of mainstream products has been maintained between ten and twenty yuan for a long time.In addition to the price reduction, The whole product matrix has been adjusted, and what consumers see is a new “Xi Cha menu”.The latest Hi Tea menu is classified into different columns, such as “fresh fruit in season”, “refreshing but not greasy”, “meaty”, “rich”, “simple”, “affordable” and “hot drink recommendation”, which better meet the diversified and personalized needs of consumers and make ordering more convenient.In addition, Xi Cha has also launched lightweight products and more cup types to choose from for consumers’ more diversified consumer needs.Against the trend of price adjustment, where is the strength of tea?Xicha adjusts its price against the trend, benefiting from its brand potential energy, scale advantage, and deep cultivation and accumulation in the supply chain.These comprehensive strengths support The ability of Xicha to adjust the price of products on the premise that the materials and quality of products are not changed.In terms of brand potential, Xi Cha has been widely loved and supported by consumers with excellent products, inspired brand building and design pursuit, as well as amazing store space building.In the past ten years, Xicha has become an indispensable part of the daily life and social interaction of contemporary consumers, and xicha has also become a representative brand of new tea drinks and new consumption.According to the authority of global growth, a consultancy, if the stern Sullivan issued a white paper on “2020 China’s fresh tea drink industry development data, in fresh tea drink industry, topped the national awareness and love degrees are like tea, its brand awareness in the national overall market accounts for more than 41.5%, in the brand popularity, or tea in a ratio of 32% ranked first.In terms of scale, Xi Cha has taken the lead in store scale, user volume and market share.At present, Xi Cha has nearly 900 stores in about 70 cities at home and abroad, covering first-tier and second-tier cities.In terms of supply chain strength, Xi Cha has established an efficient supply chain system and continuously promoted industry supply chain innovation.In terms of raw materials, Xicha has continuously introduced and used high-quality raw materials, innovated raw material technology, and launched raw materials such as raw coconut.With the development of Xi Cha scale, Xi Cha not only has large-scale procurement strength, but also goes deep into the upstream. Through self-construction, co-construction of bases and other ways, xi Cha deeply participates in the cultivation and production of upstream tea gardens and orchards, which not only ensures the sustainable and stable supply of high-quality raw materials, but also optimizes the procurement cost.Through digital investment in supply chain and establishment of efficient cold chain logistics network, Xicha has greatly improved the overall operation efficiency of supply chain.In addition, Xi Cha is also customizing demand to drive innovation in its supply chain and improve industry standards.For example, Through independent research and development and design, Xicha has launched PLA degradable straw, three-piece rotating lid, takeout lid, etc., and has applied for a number of technology patents.While driving the upgrade of packaging materials and consumables in the whole industry, Haycha also has greater control over the cost of packaging materials and consumables.As the pioneer and promoter of the new tea industry, Xicha has the ability to “bid farewell to 30 yuan” without changing the materials and quality of its products, and has promised not to raise prices again this year.In the future, Xi Cha will continue to provide users with more high-quality products full of inspiration and joy and win the favor and recognition of more consumers by virtue of its solid comprehensive strength.Source: Thoughtful Shanghai