Top of the East!Media: The Lakers bet on the big four in a 1-for-2 trade, westbrook and the no. 1 overall pick

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Heat win knicks!The NBA regular season continues, with the Heat’s last game at home against the Knicks.The Heat finished the season 30-17 atop the East, while the Knicks finished the season 23-25 in 11th place.This game heat side lowry will continue to miss the game, but with the Heat recently rushed to the top of the Eastern Conference momentum, the team against the Knicks team really not too difficult.The whole game down, the Heat from full fire, the success of the advantage, the team opened the two teams point difference.Leading the Knicks by as many as 20 points, the Heat kept pace after opening a huge lead.In the second half of the game, the Heat under Butler continued to expand the lead, and the Knicks side of the resistance, the fourth quarter into garbage time.The Heat beat the Knicks 110-96 at home, securing their second straight victory for first place in the Eastern Conference.First up, the Knicks. I don’t know how to evaluate the Knicks this season. They lost by 28 points with their starting five on the court.With 14 points coming off the bench, Barrett was effective and in good shape, but he didn’t have much of the ball.Randal blind play error too much, unreasonable shot too much, it seems that Randal after getting a big contract, the state of the whole person down seriously.Fournier and Walker two this game is the continuation of the slump, and did not play too much performance.The Knicks have been in a slump since rose was sidelined by surgery, and the knicks are unlikely to make the playoffs again this season with their current roster.The second heat side of the lineup is really strong, the game a total of four points on 20, although the team brain Lowry is not.But Adebayor finished with 11 assists in lowry’s place and played as a playmaker.You can see that the Heat have been improving even though they were short of players in the first half of the season.The heat this season this kind of expression is inseparable from the performance of the team’s young players, including the team Vincent, Hiro and Dunlo three play very steady, which is equivalent to the future playoff preparation.The Heat now have a more balanced roster than any of their eastern conference rivals, and it will be interesting to see if they have a chance to avenge the bucks this year.The NBA regular season continues as teams in the Middle East and west prepare for a smooth run into the playoffs, with the trade deadline just two weeks away.With the trade deadline looming, and a number of teams dealing with injuries, the front office will have to make some last-minute moves before the deadline, and there have been trade rumors swirling around the league since the beginning of the season.The Los Angeles Lakers, who were favored by many in the Western Conference this offseason, have been so up-and-down this season that many have expressed disappointment.And the team’s record so far has not satisfied the front office, which signed a series of veteran players for a minimum salary in the offseason and then acquired Russell Westbrook in a blockbuster trade.When the Lakers announced their big three in the offseason, many around the league said the lakers would make it out of the West and win another championship.But according to bleachers, the Lakers have been criticized for westbrook’s crotch pulling behavior this season.Team management and the Timberwolves are currently discussing a trade deal between Russell and Westbrook.Westbrook’s huge contract has been the biggest problem for the lakers, so trading westbrook away is the best way to win a championship.The Timberwolves have three young, near-all-star players in Towns, Edwards and Russell, but they don’t have the best chemistry.The team also hasn’t played well, leading to Russell’s recent trade rumors.The details of the trade plan are as follows: The Lakers send: Russell Westbrook.Timberwolves: D ‘Angelo Russell, Patrick Beverley.For starters, it’s a deal for the Lakers to solve westbrook’s problems while clearing $40 million in cap space.After taking over the two players, the team can form a new big four of Shayeyebrows, James, Russell and Beverley, of whom Beverley’s defense is so formidable that opponents can’t stand him.In addition to the offensive beverley beyond the three-point line, also has a certain deterrence.Secondly, young Russell can bring some firepower to the offensive end, which will take the pressure off James and Davis and open up more space for both of them inside.The trade could give the Lakers some firepower on both ends of the floor, especially on the offensive end, even compared to the big three of the Eastern Nets.On the defensive end, Davis and James, along with Beverley, are all good defensive players who can make the team more complete and exciting on both ends of the floor.James has been comfortable in the paint this season, and Russell’s presence will continue to open the floor, making James and Davis more intimidating in the paint.Beverley will also provide tremendous firepower from the bottom corner, relieving the pressure on both players in the paint and opening up the interior, allowing the lakers to open up offensively as they threaten to take away defenders.Secondly, the timberwolves can acquire westbrook and form a new big three of Westbrook, Edwards and Towns.When Westbrook comes to the Timberwolves, he will have more room to play and will be the team’s point guard.Once westbrook gets into the swing of things, he might be able to return to his MVP-level level, and the chemistry between the three will develop.The Timberwolves could be a championship contender this season, as westbrook, a superstar who plays with passion, is still in flux.Overall, it’s a win-win move for both the Lakers and timberwolves.Among them, the Lakers can clear westbrook’s big contract, and build a new big four team of James, Davis, Russell and Beverley, with strong strength on both ends of the offense and defense.Timberwolves get Westbrook, the team can develop new chemistry, and westbrook can be further released and improved in The Timberwolves, and even lead the timberwolves out of playoff trouble.So it would be interesting to see a deal go through and even a future meeting between the Timberwolves and lakers in the Western Conference finals.