The Party committee of Ministry of Finance came to Pingjiang County for investigation

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Yueyang daily all media (Yu Yi) on March 10 to 11, the Ministry of Finance authority level of inspector, village party committee Guo Yanpeng, deputy director of the revitalization of the leading group office rate of finance authority party committee, the administrative department of political science and law, educational and cultural affairs to be responsible for the comrades in our county, will strengthen development of poverty crucial achievements effective connection with country revitalization of such research work.Pingjiang county leaders Peng Fangjian, Ling Xiaoming, Pan Yueqing, Li Shishi, Qiu Wenjuan, Yin Youxiang, Zhao Youjie, Pei Minzhong and other members of the designated helping task force of the Ministry of Finance in Pingping, the provincial finance department and the relevant comrades of our county attended the meeting.Guo Yanpeng line at pingkiang, first came to the new and high technology industries park, examined the hunan mountain embellish technology development co., LTD. Of the production workshop and dongshan camellia base, detailed understanding of oil-tea production per acre, raise cost, policy support, market sales, etc., encourage enterprises to hold national vigorously promote rural revitalization of the strategic opportunity.We will actively promote the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of the oil tea industry, drive local economic and social benefits, and boost farmers’ incomes.SAN Yang township finance authority party committee Shi Ping village is a pair to build connections and Guo Yanpeng line of communication with the local township, village cadres discussion, detailed understanding of the village’s industry development, the villagers’ income, such as basic information, hope to the village to further strengthen the construction of village party branch, give full play to the party construction of grass-roots party organization’s fight fortress function and leading role, led the villagers out of poverty and get rich and ran off.Guo Yanpeng said that the Party committee of the Ministry of Finance will also take the co-construction activities as the carrier, and actively design and carry out co-construction activities with local villagers around rural revitalization and beautiful village construction, so as to jointly build shiping better and better.At the symposium held in Botou village of Jiayi town, Xie Sixiao, first secretary of the Ministry of Finance in Botou Village of Jiayi Town, made a work report.Guo Yanpeng on botou village to consolidate and expand poverty alleviation achievements, focus on the “five revitalization” and other achievements made on the work of high evaluation, to the county party committee and the county government of the Ministry of Finance in pingping team members care and care expressed gratitude, and put forward requirements for the team members.I hope the staff members will do a good job in party building, give full play to the leading role of Party building, and make concerted efforts to promote the implementation of various work;We should work boldly, build on the experience and achievements of the previous task force, and strive to explore and gain new experience in rural vitalization.Guo Yanpeng also visited Botou Village, Jiayi town liu Ru school, Li Liu Ru former residence, Yixi black tea and so on.Peng Fangjian, Ling Xiaoming and Li Shishi respectively introduced the effective linkage between the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in Our county from different perspectives.Liu Binliang and Yang Yu, former members of the Ministry of Finance’s designated assistance team in Pingping, also communicated and discussed with the current team members based on their own experience.On the next step, Guo Yanpeng pointed out that Pingjiang County should, as always, assume good main responsibility, stimulate endogenous power, unite and lead the people of the county to concentrate on development, focus on doing great things.On the basis of the previous and preliminary work, the Ministry of Finance’s designated assistance team in Pingping should pay close attention to the implementation of the work, fulfill the responsibility of assistance, and complete the tasks entrusted by the Leading party group of the Ministry of Finance.The Party committees of the Ministry of Finance should take the lead in providing good services, continuously promote the implementation and effectiveness of the assistance work, and coordinate and solve the problems encountered in the assistance work.Guo yanpeng said that the Ministry of Finance will continue to attach great importance to the efforts to help pingjiang and the rural revitalization and development. 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