Rich family abuse wife: “smoke, marry her is to pour son” original, she is just a mobile blood bank just

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It turns out that she is just a mobile blood bank. Loving the wrong Person is the Disaster of a Lifetime.Chu Yi Han thinks she does not love him persistently however, betrayed him even, use all means to torture her for this.But he forgot, people love for a long time will be tired, so he lost su Dove forever.Why it’s great: The anxiety in his eyes betrays that his heart isn’t as flat as his words suggest.The doctor said, “The patient has lost a lot of blood. We have given her a blood transfusion and her life is not in danger.”Both men breathed a sigh of relief.”But…”The doctor then said, “You should take more care of her mood. Fortunately, you found her in time. If you found her too late, you would have missed the time for emergency treatment.”Su Dove was pushed out by the nurse, Chu Yi Han carefully looked at her face.Ghastly pale and thinner, and the bandage around his wrist stung his eyes.Su Dove was transferred to the general ward, has been lethargic, hand also inserted a sling.Not Lin Wenya also came to the hospital, she looked at the door lying in bed su Pigeon, the in the mind could not help but malicious, she is really a big life, two suicide failed to die!On Chu Yi Han, Lin Wenya’s eyes are full of compassion, ask: “how is she?””The doctor said there was no danger. What are you doing here?”Lin Wenya hidden behind the hand could not help but clenched his fist.But he said, “Good, she doesn’t care much about her life.”Lin Wenya’s little action was leaning on the door frame fang Qingping saw, he looked at Lin Wenya with a half-smile, said: “You don’t seem to want her to live.”Lin Wenya head, meet square qingping clear eyes, confused to ask: “Who are you?””Fang Qingping, psychological consultant.”Fang Qingping introduces himself briefly.”Su Ge’s doctor?”She remembers seeing Su Ge’s attending doctor that day and not understanding him.”Just in time to love you, My love” novel introduction: “Smoke, marry her is to dump son,” turns out, she is just a mobile blood bank.There is one man, even out of thousands, you can see him at a glance.Gu Siling is such an existence for Wei Shiyan.They see morning dusk together, under the moon and flowers together, in the eyes of all over the sky stars only each other’s existence.Wei Shiyan thought the best love in the world was like this.Interesting content: Anyone can, but he can’t.I have no idea why.”Wei Shiyan, are you free to meet me?”After a pause, Fu Sinian added, “Don’t be in a hurry to refuse. You wanted to know why I said such inexplicable things to you in the police station. Come out and I will tell you the answer.”Yes, although these days have been a mess of things, but in fact, I always want to know, Fu Sinian held me in his arms that day said love me dearly.What do you mean by asking me if I really don’t remember him with those expectant eyes?But every time I think about it, my head hurts like hell, and I can’t think about it properly.So Fu Sinian’s reason for asking me to meet really hit home.”Good.”I finally agreed, looked at the bodyguard outside, thought for a moment and said, “Let’s make it at night. I don’t have time during the day.”It’s gonna be impossible to get out during the day, so we’ll have to figure it out at night.Fu Sinian naturally had no opinion, but never expected that in the evening, WHEN I was ready to find an excuse to escape, Gu Siling suddenly came home.I hadn’t expected him to come back. He was supposed to be by Her side all the time.Not to mention his face was so white that I couldn’t help thinking of something and my heart couldn’t stop sinking.Look into each other’s eyes at that moment, think of all yesterday, we two relative speechless.Introduction to the novel he Still Loves You: They used to be a model couple, but they became bitter lovers because of a misunderstanding.He resented her unfeeling.She resented his distrust.But some people are meant to be together, no matter how many obstacles lie between them.Wonderful content: See here, Jane’s eyes flash a trace of hate.She hated the Relationship of Zhanyuan, even before she moved into Her home.Her mother is Jane Zhiyuan outside the love.Woman. That’s why she’s been in the dark.Her only comfort is that he does not like his wife at home, and the Relationship of Zhanyuan.However, every time she looked at his life in the Distance, she would still be jealous of him, because he robed everything that should have been hers.Finally, his mother died.The day before the accident, she heard it herself.His mother was urging Him to get rid of his mother, and on that day she knew that most of his family’s industries were derived from his mother.However, during the period of time in which His mother was lying in the intensive care unit, Jian Zhiyuan left himself clean and refused to see her and her daughter.Jane’s mother, desperate, breaks into Jane’s old house and threatens Jane, either to give a huge amount of alimony, or their mother and daughter into Jane’s home.Chien is, after all, a businessman.Never make a losing deal.He offered to collect all the evidence.Go to prison for him, and he’s willing to take Jane into Jane’s house.In order to let his daughter no longer surreptitiously accused of living, Jane’s mother agreed to the conditions of Jian Zhiyuan.On The contrary, the Relationship of Jianmeng thought that he could finally stand in front of Her openly and aboveboard and declare war on her, but the Teacher did not even bother to look at her.Since then, she vowed to snatch everything she possessed in the Relationship.On seeing the Pregnancy test report of Zhanyuan.The above is the novel to share with you today, if you like it, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, there are wonderful content waiting for you later, we will see you next time.