MAO Renfeng son current situation: the eldest in charge of Foxconn, the second into the “stock god”, the third keen on charity

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Speaking of The period when Chiang Kai-shek ruled the Kuomintang, it seems that there are only two words in the whole article: one is “dictatorship”, one is “assassination”. In order to maintain his dictatorial rule, Chiang Kai-shek sent spies to assassinate a certain figure.In order to facilitate his assassination, Chiang Kai-shek also convened a group of “cadres” to form the Middle and the military, the establishment of the two spy agencies not only greatly strengthened Chiang Kai-shek’s dictatorship, but also to the later spy drama provided a lot of material.Today let’s talk about juntong’s second director, Dai Li’s right-hand man MAO Renfeng’s offspring.What kind of life is this bloodstained spy chief’s offspring living?The opposite character of the youngest son we first talk about MAO Renfeng three sons of the youngest one – MAO Shunan, although MAO Shunan was born by the love of MAO Renfeng, but he was addicted to the father of the Kuomintang bureaucrats a set of not interested.He seemed to be an “outlier” of the MAO family, indifferent to power and money, but very concerned about some cultural activities.MAO also likes to read books when he is free, a habit that has helped him develop a peaceful and humble character.Can develop such characteristics and his father MAO Renfeng can not do without, although MAO Renfeng for his son quite complain, but still spend effort in MAO Shannan.He will all the darkness of life in MAO Shunan outside, leaving her only a safe and smooth childhood.Such a move also let MAO Shunan become a elegant full reader, without any troubles in life.MAO Shunan likes reading and learning very much since he was in primary school. The happiest thing for him every day is not to get together with his family at home, but to listen to the teacher in class.MAO Shunan once said to his mother, “I can’t imagine my world without books. Life would be boring. I would be like a skeleton without a soul.”He spent a lot of time reading every day, and he also had a great talent.Often some new knowledge points, MAO Shonan can only use more than ten minutes to understand, and quickly put the knowledge points into practice.Faced with such a “book-loving” son, MAO renfeng felt helpless. He once said of his son, “I really don’t understand why there is such a son who loves reading.”His father’s comments didn’t hurt MAO. He knew where he was going, what he loved and what his mission was.”China has thousands of years of splendid civilization,” MAO told a friend of his dream. “Only when we walk into it can we feel its true charm.What I want is to promote the charm of our culture to the world through my own efforts.MAO’s friends praised him even though they did not understand what he was saying.When MAO grew up, he lived in the United States and did his best to spread Chinese culture in the United States, a country of cultural exchanges and integration.Through MAO Shunan’s efforts, he held many cultural exchanges between China and the United States.And gradually expand the influence of such activities by inviting friends around, so that more people can feel Chinese culture.In addition to promoting Chinese culture, MAO has also been involved in philanthropy.MAO was heartbroken when he learned that children in some remote areas of China chose to drop out of school to work because of their poor families.MAO Shunan took out a large part of his savings to fund poor students. In an interview with reporters, MAO Shunan said: “Students are the hope of a country. Only when more students go to school can the country have hope and the future of the motherland be brighter.”In sharp contrast to MAO Shunan, MAO renfeng’s other two sons, MAO Yunan and MAO Funan, did not choose politics either, but chose a broader business community.Let’s first say MAO Yunan, this name may be very strange to us, but if the audience has engaged in the telecommunications industry, they will pat their thighs and say in surprise: “I did not expect MAO Yunan, one of the leading figures in the telecommunications industry, is MAO Renfeng’s son.”Since returning from the United States, MAO has worked as a senior executive in China for well-known telecom companies such as HEWLETT-PACKARD.But his most impressive resume is his stint as chairman of Foxconn, the Taiwanese processing company, which has put MAO in the spotlight.The reason for this is MAO Yunan will be his father that a set of bureaucratic techniques all inherited, not only in the company like to install eyes in each department, even in the company made the feudal period of the party.Bringing in a bunch of executives and cracking down on people who don’t obey you, making yourself a core interest group.In addition to fighting for power, MAO Yunan also in order to make the interests of the company more directly violated the legitimate rights and interests of employees.Such behavior quickly caused discontent throughout the company, and there were even several direct employee protests.Unit god’s accidental death eldest brother’s behavior naturally by his two younger brother see in the eye, so MAO Foonan in business and did not go his old brother’s way.MAO was sensitive to numbers from an early age, and he took advantage of this when he grew up to invest in stocks and spare money.MAO Fonan entered the stock industry, relying on his talent gallop “share”, only a few years, MAO Fonan became a very famous “young stock god”.One of MAO’s friends once joked, “If you don’t know when to buy stocks, just follow MAO’s ass.As long as follow closely, the financial crisis is not afraid.”After years of efforts by MAO Foonan, now he has been worth more than 100 million.But god once again to MAO Fonan opened a joke, such a financial genius in 2009 because of illness in the hospital died.Summary: MAO Renfeng as the kuomintang internal notorious spy chief, not only in the Communist party here reputation is very bad, in the Kuomintang internal is also hated by many people gnashing teeth.Perhaps it is for this reason that MAO renfeng’s descendants do not set foot in politics.However, only the youngest of MAO renfeng’s three sons is enthusiastic about public welfare, making a modest contribution to the spread of Chinese culture in the world and the country’s education work.