In China, that’s the rule

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As the saying goes: the state law, the family has family rules;Without rules, nothing can be accomplished.Ancestors left for thousands of years of rules, children must pay attention to!Mr. Li Bingnan, the master of Chinese studies of the Republic of China, compiled these traditional rules into a book called “Chang Li Ju Yao”. Today, we will share these six aspects from home, life, dinner, going out, receiving guests and celebrating hanging.The elderly and their belongings at home should be received by both hands.An old man shall not sit down; when he cometh, he shall rise up.Can not stand the door, door practice threshold.Eat at the same table by eating alone.1. What the elders give, the younger should take with both hands respectfully.2. The elders stand, but the juniors can’t sit. The juniors must stand up when the elders come.Do not stand in the middle of other people’s doors, and do not step on the threshold as you pass.4. Eat at the same table instead of bringing food with you.There is no way to deal with things that are short of Taoist people and long of oneself.Shallow friendship is not deep to speak of.Be wise in all things, not emotional.Every one who asks advice must make a gate.1. Don’t tell other people’s shortcomings and praise your own strong points.2. If you are friends with a short friendship, don’t talk too deeply.3. Do things rationally, not emotionally.4. If you want to ask someone something, always call at their door.3 dinner after sitting not horizontal humerus, do not stretch feet.The Lord first raised a glass to the guest, the guest gave a speech of thanks.The dishes taken by chopsticks and spoons are not as good as others.From the table, the Lord son slow, guests thank.1. When you’re seated, don’t stretch out your arms. Stretch out your legs.2. If the host raises a glass to the guest first, the guest will say thank you.3. Use chopsticks to take vegetables or spoons to take soup, do not take more than others, just the right amount.4. When leaving the banquet, the host humbly says “Excuse me” and the guests say “thank you”.Go out in neat, not beautiful clothes.Vehicles and horses complex chong area, do not greet salute.When someone asks the way on the toura, give instructions in detail.See the elderly will ride under, see the young should also nod with them.1. Don’t wear fancy clothes or hats, but make sure they are clean and neat.2. Don’t say hello to people in crowded places.3. Someone on the way asks for directions, and asks for directions in detail.4. Get off when you see your elders, and nod when you see your children.Reception and door first, for the guests kai he jing tea fruit long after young, Mr. Ripe.The host must descend and raise his glass to tea.Guests who go far away will be sent to a Courier station. Guests are coming to the door, so the host should open the door for them first.2. When serving tea fruit, first give it to the elder and then to the younger generation, first give it to the unfamiliar guests, then give it to the familiar guests.3. The host will sit down, raise his glass and offer tea to the guest.4 distant guests to go, the host to send to the station, looking at the guests car away, he returned.Qing hanging funeral do not participate in gifting, only to send ceremonial goods.Mourning clothes do not enter the public house, do not observe good gifts.Congratulations in front of the guests, the speech is not humorous.Those who wear the insignia of burial will be discharged immediately without wearing them.1. When there is a funeral in the family, do not take part in any good deed, but give gifts.2. Never enter a house in mourning clothes, but only see gifts.3. Don’t joke when celebrating your wedding in front of everyone.4. When you wear your funeral badge, take it off immediately after the ceremony and go away without it.In addition to these, there are a lot of rules that we have established, passed down from generation to generation, and passed down to today.For example, when eating, you can’t knock the bowl and the plate, because knocking the bowl means “begging”, which is unlucky.For example, when meeting the elders, we should first “call people” to show respect to the elders.Such as too much too much, these small things have become ingrained in the culture, this is the Chinese rules!In China, it is ok to be “dainty”, but never to be unruly.Many of the things passed down over the years have actually been abandoned, but what our children and grandchildren need to do is to “remove the dross and take the essence” from the historical experience, and then pass it on from generation to generation, so as to achieve a greater nation!Feng Zikai (November 9, 1898 — September 15, 1975) was an essayist, painter, writer, art and music educator, whose original name was Run, also known as Ren, Still, and alias Zikai later changed to Zikai under the pen name TK.