Historic breakthrough!Men’s steel sledge picking copper

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On February 11, China’s Yan Wengang arrived at the finish line.Xinhua News Agency reporter He Changshan/Our correspondent Beijing, February 11 (reporters Wang Dong, Chen Cheng) Half of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, held in the national bobsled center of the steel bobsled event, The Chinese team ushered in a historic breakthrough.Yan Wengang won China’s first Olympic medal in men’s skeleton bobsleigh on Feb 11 and set an Olympic record for a Chinese man.The steel bobsled is one of the fastest events at the Winter Olympics, with a top speed of more than 130 kilometers per hour.The sport is also known as “ice dive” because it involves lying headfirst on a snowmobile with your head just five centimeters above the ice.In the third round, Germany’s four-time world gold medallist Johan Grottherl started first.Germany is traditionally a powerhouse in bobsledding, and Grottherr made a solid performance, finishing first in three runs with a combined time of 3:00.49 and holding his lead until the end of the round.China’s Yan Wengang and Yin Zhengjun did well to reach the fourth round of the final.Entering the fourth round, all the contestants are riveted, want to break through themselves, to launch a challenge to the medal.On the scoreboard, South Korea’s Yoon Sung-bin, the Pyeongchang Olympic gold medalist, was briefly ahead before being overtaken by Italy’s Antonio Barnes.Chung Seung-ki, the future star of South Korea’s steel bobsled, changed the ranking again…Every competitor is refreshing the fastest speed on the track, and the order of the rankings keeps changing, so the competition is very fierce.China’s Yin Zheng, 14th, skated smoothly to fifth place with a total time of 4:02.13, setting the shortest start time and a personal best of the Games.Yan wengang came out 17th and skated the shortest time in four rounds of 1 minute 00.15 seconds.Sochi Olympic champion Tretyakov started 18th, but made some mistakes on the slide and was unable to overtake Yan Wen Port.Yan Wengang secured a medal for China in advance.”My previous best single run was 1:00.21, but tonight I skated 1:00.15 in the last round.I had a lot of confidence and gave it my best shot in the last run.”Yin zheng also said after the game, because of a good mentality, to have their own breakthrough.”There was nothing to worry about, just letting go and enjoying it and coasting, and that really helped my performance.”Yin said.Grottherl won the gold medal in the event, while Another German, Johan Junker, took the silver.