From tomorrow, the city will raise the minimum standard of living security for urban and rural residents

2022-06-15 0 By

Agree via municipal government, since April 1, our city and countryside dweller lowest life safeguard standard rises!According to a circular jointly issued by the Civil Affairs Bureau and the municipal Finance Bureau, the minimum living allowance for urban and rural residents will rise from 42 percent of the local minimum wage to 45 percent, and the monthly subsistence allowance for urban and rural residents in Jiaocheng, Fuding and Fuan will rise from 660 yuan to 815 yuan.In xiapu, Gutian, Pingnan, Zhouning, Shouning and Zhurong, urban and rural subsistence allowances were raised from 596 yuan to 747 yuan per person per month.After the upgrade, the per capita monthly subsidy in Jiaocheng, Fuding and Fu ‘an will be no less than 478 yuan in principle.In principle, the per capita monthly subsidy in other counties shall be no less than 439 yuan.At the same time, according to the low standard and minimum wage standard, after DiBiao increase strands personnel support standards, specific according to the fujian province people’s government on further perfecting strands personnel rescue support system implementation opinion “and” ningde city people’s government on printing of ningde further measures to speed up the pension development work notice to determine the standard.In addition to provincial subsidies, counties, cities and districts will shoulder the shortfall, the circular said.The circular asked local civil affairs departments to promptly include eligible people in the coverage of subsistence allowances based on the increase in urban and rural subsistence allowances.Financial departments should make scientific adjustments to the structure of financial expenditures, increase input of social assistance funds, and ensure that funds needed for raising standards are released in full and on time.(Source: Website of Ningde Municipal People’s Government)