Enthusiastic netizens to share a few Chinese New Year can be used nonsense quotations, mercilessly hold

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I will starve to death if I can put off the work till tomorrow, I must put off the work till tomorrow. If I get fired today, I won’t have to do it tomorrow.Enthusiastic users to share a few Chinese New Year can be used nonsense sayings, hard to take some of the beginning of the sequela, but others fried the bus, which can only fry the car out of the mud and X, this picture interpretation I give full marks why some dogs can not be police dogs?I can really laugh!When you feel oneself not be good at communication, might as well see them: see many student society dead, the first time see a teacher society dead, ask oneself since answered belong to be to ask everybody run to tell each other!Beware of big turtles in Tianjin Science and Technology Museum!Which friend immediately comes to mind when you see this picture?Today we Lao here, next time to continue ~ content are collated from the network, assault delete