37 degrees Celsius is no longer the standard body temperature, scientists have discovered.Is it better to have a high or a low temperature?

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Do you know why the standard temperature of human body is 37℃?In the 18th century, a German doctor named Winderlich recorded the armpit temperatures of 25,000 people, then took the median and came up with a figure of 37 ° C.As a result, he set the standard temperature of the human body at 37℃, which gradually became widely accepted.But by 2020, a team of researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine found that human body temperature has been dropping since the 19th century, dropping 0.4 degrees Celsius from 37 degrees Celsius to 36.6 degrees Celsius today.What does it mean that the standard body temperature drops?A good thing or a bad thing?Several studies have found that our standard body temperature is dropping.In January 2020, Julie Parsonnet and her team at Stanford University School of Medicine published a paper showing that in less than 200 years, the average body temperature of Americans dropped from 37℃ to 36.6℃.The decline is not confined to people living in cities, but also to primitive tribes living in the Amazon jungle.In October 2020, researchers at the University of California published a paper showing that the standard body temperature of a primitive tribe living in the Amazon jungle in South America also dropped to 36.5 degrees Celsius, down from 37 degrees a decade ago.Since 2002, researchers have recorded the body temperatures of tribal people.In 2002, their average temperature was 37℃.By 2018, their average body temperature had dropped to 36.5 degrees Celsius.Among them, men’s body temperature drops faster than women’s.In an earlier study, a study published in BMJ took more than 200,000 body temperature measurements of 35,000 adults and found that their oral temperature was about 36.6 ° C.It also suggests that hypothermia in humans is universal.What’s the problem?Body temperature is closely related to inflammation. When inflammation occurs, the body produces a large amount of proteins and cytokines, which speeds up metabolism and raises body temperature.Medical advances have reduced inflammation in humans, which may have led to a drop in average body temperature.However, if with the development of society, the overall level of human health began to decline, body temperature will change.Nowadays, the social environment and living conditions have changed. Air conditioning can be turned on in hot summer, and heating can be turned on in cold winter. Most of the time, people are in the appropriate temperature, energy consumption becomes less, and the average body temperature may decrease.In addition, these factors can affect temperature fluctuations, such as measurement method, age, sex, day and night, activity, medicine, etc., but temperature fluctuations are not very large, usually not more than 0.5-1℃.Second, the temperature drops, will it affect human beings?Does a drop in body temperature have a negative impact on our health?Experts point out that a drop in body temperature may reduce immunity.Within the normal temperature range, the higher the body temperature, the stronger the immune system.At a certain temperature, more of the body’s immune cells are activated, increasing their ability to destroy bacteria and viruses.When the body temperature drops, the speed of blood flow and metabolism will slow down, the activity of cells and tissues is reduced, the body’s immune function is weakened, the ability to resist disease will become worse, and it is more likely to cause illness.Three, the body temperature is always low, is sick?Body temperature has become a sensitive word amid the spread of COVID-19 in the past two years.Many people are very concerned about whether their body temperature has risen, but in fact, there are many people whose body temperature has been in a low state for a long time. Is there any disease with low body temperature?In fact, the level of temperature and disease is not necessarily related, but may have a certain impact on immunity.A lower body temperature indicates a lower basal metabolic rate and a slower response to activate defense mechanisms when foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses are detected.However, some people have low body temperature, which may simply be caused by not exercising regularly, staying in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, or being under too much pressure.Now, the epidemic has occurred in many places, we still need to reduce the number of times to go out, do not go to crowded places.So, during the epidemic, how to control the body temperature within a reasonable range, neither too high nor too low?Pay attention to keep warm and avoid catching cold;Drink less frozen drinks, eat less raw and cold food;Strengthen exercise, you can play tai Chi at home, jumping aerobics, exercise muscles and bones, promote blood circulation;At two or three o ‘clock in the afternoon, open the window for ventilation and bask in the sun;Patients with basic diseases should be actively treated and their conditions controlled.Malleable – How to accurately measure body temperature?When you take your temperature, you may find that the results may vary depending on the time, location, and tool used to measure your temperature.Also, the criteria for fever vary slightly.So, how to measure the temperature accurately?When using a thermometer to measure the armpit temperature, it should ensure that the armpit is dry, and then clamp the measuring head, keep it for more than 3 minutes and then take it out, and the temperature > 37.2℃ is fever;When measuring the temperature of the mouth, the measuring head should be placed on the left or right side of the tongue below, keep it for 1 minute and then take it out. The temperature measured in the morning > 37.2℃ and the temperature measured in the afternoon > 37.7℃ is fever;When measuring the anal temperature, gently insert the measuring head into the position of 1-2㎝ anus, keep it for more than 30 seconds and then take it out. The temperature is equal to or greater than 38℃.Before using the ear temperature gun to measure, put on the earmuffs and gently pull the upper part of the ear. Then put the temperature gun into the position of the ear hole. If the temperature is greater than 38℃, it is considered as fever.Before using the forehead temperature gun to measure, first set the temperature mode, scan the forehead when measuring, the temperature > 38℃ is considered as fever.In the past, we may have overlooked the importance of checking body temperature.But with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading around the world, temperature checks have become increasingly necessary.From the changes in body temperature, we may be able to grasp more data on human health, and implement preventive mechanisms for potential health crises.Reference [1] “Normal temperature of 37℃ is a thing of the past, Studies Show, and Humans are Cooling fast”.Biological World.2021-10-18[2] “Doctor, I’m always low in temperature, is it a disease?”Life Times.2020-03-13[3] “The human body begins to cool? Normal temperature is no longer 37℃!”Health Times.2020-03-11 republication is prohibited without the author’s permission