Water City New Year “golden” year as fun!Jintang County issued 6 Spring Festival tourism boutique routes

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On the 22nd day of the 12th lunar month (January 24), the second Chinese New Year’s couplet calligraphy exhibition is held in jintang County people’s Square (grand Square). Nearly 40 pairs of Chinese New Year’s couplets are collected by calligrapher to send New Year’s greetings to the people of Shuicheng. The unique flavor of “The hometown of Chinese calligraphy” is getting stronger.It is reported that the couplet exhibition will continue until the 16th day of the first lunar month.According to jintang county culture, Sports and Tourism bureau related person in charge of the introduction, December 26 to 28 (January 28-30) Jintang County will be held in jinshan Park “love Chengdu · Welcome universiade” I am king of shooting, table tennis people challenge competition and other mass sports activities, let the public “not rong” to enjoy more fun.At the same time, from 19:00 to 21:00 every night, street art performances will be held in Pihewan, with boat Tours, neon walks, singing and light reflecting each other.From the first day to the sixth day, wufeng Ancient Town will hold the event of “New Year of Chao Tiger — 2022 Celebration of Ren Yin Tiger year”. The food market will be set up so that citizens and tourists can experience folk customs and feel the national tide in the ancient town.You can also pick winter strawberries, navel oranges, and raking oranges, and click to unlock 12 kinds of weekend boutique cultural tourism scenes, including “radon” hot spring, paragliding, and creative restaurant.The Spring Festival holiday is coming, you can refer to the following 6 Spring Festival boutique travel routes, parent-child experience, cool tide play, mountaineering health, come to Jintang!”Not rong” “gold” year as good to play!Proud parents recommended circuit joy journey: farm – thousands cross/charity – strawberry picking base – small sit in the cloud, ocean ocean spring beauty Jing cabinet shop – chengdu sofitel hotel recreation leisure trip: jade emperor valley of preserve one’s health, firewood chicken, pear ditch, which the river provincial tourism resort – ramada encore hotel/gold-sun is still blessing health city hotel tour:Jintang Mountain Sanxue Temple — Jintang Mountain Firewood Turkey — Dendrobium Forest Pan Scenic Spot — Yunman Mid-Mountain Restaurant/Characteristic Silver Pot Banquet — Jinyu Hotel Cool Tour: Geek Flying Camp/all-terrain cross-country club — Hot Spring SPA — Sir Xiao Lakeside barbecue — Hengyu Hotel mountaineering tour:Genting Stone City — Casserole Pot string/Olive Tree Restaurant — Ruiguang Pagoda — Huaizhou New Town Greenway — China’s Navel Orange Hometown: Paradise on the Slope/He Lin’s former Residence — Lin Feng Family Banquet — Wufeng Ancient Town — Demen Renli/Half-mountain Villa / 13 Years of Retreat