Marbury suffered a facial fracture and was fined $100,000 and suspended for three games for hitting him

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On January 31, CBA season end of the second stage, all the teams and players into the lunar New Year holiday, in the meantime, Chinese officials have announced a new ticket, for the poor and BeiKong controversial action to make punishment, two teams compete at that time is metal center Xu Zhonghao elbow for BeiKong defender liao ning’s face, three in the facial fractures, need surgery,At the same time, the season is announced.The CBA fined Huh 100,000 yuan and suspended him for three games. This is a relatively severe punishment. After all, the referee did not call even a foul on the spot, but now he has been fined 100,000 yuan and suspended for three games.In addition, xu zhonghao’s out-of-court action was punished this time, which is also the CBA league’s official unconventional treatment. We should know that other actions leading to player injury in the CBA regular season have not been so additional punishment, when the penalty is not equal and equal, it will cause controversy.Why would most fans think that heo was punished for causing injury to an opponent player this time, but not the other way around?A leading Chinese basketball journalist also said the CBA needs to explain:”Really need to explain” the CBA this season regular season game how dispute action, including guangdong players appear some break for many times, such as the liao yue war Hu Mingxuan pg appeared legs on defensive behavior, in guangdong province and the construction of the game, Zeng Fanri has legs Sun Minghui, is obviously a hurt player action,The referees on the spot were all blowing fouls, but there was no additional follow-up punishment.At the time, Guo Ailun, a football star of Liaoning team, put forward a proposal at the conference after the game, saying that he believed that the opponent’s foot pad was not intentional, but that the defensive action should be mainly protected by the players and more attention should be paid to it.However, it is worth noting that there are no additional penalties for the actions that obviously hurt the opponent’s players.So Xu zhonghao was suspended this time plus a fine of 100,000, it caused a lot of controversy, the reason is that if Xu Zhonghao was punished, so before the other hurtful action and why not be punished?Under fiBA’s new rules, the standards for fouls are such that any apparent injury, regardless of motivation, will be called in order to protect the player as much as possible.This rule is reasonable. The health of the players comes first, no matter whether the game is won or lost.Since Xu zhonghao’s hurtful actions will be punished, then the CBA League needs to treat all the obvious hurtful actions equally, not for a certain player, a certain team, to treat all the same to be able to be accepted, in order to maintain authority!(Lin Xiaoshi)