It looks like an Audi A7!Changan UNI-v: Full configuration, cool appearance, generous price

2022-06-13 0 By

Now the domestic brand of compact three-compartment car volume is very serious, especially to take the new sports route.Then let’s talk about a forthcoming model, this model is also known by many people as the Domestic Audi A7, is it really so exaggerated?The model is the Changan Uni-V.The pre-sale price of this model has been announced, which is 134,900 yuan. Judging from the full configuration of the new car, this is a flagship model, so the price of the low-distribution model in the future may be as low as less than 100,000 yuan.The overall styling design of the new car is indeed very similar to audi A7, the overall design is mainly sporty, from a distance, more like a horizontal sedan.The nose has a good sense of science and technology, slender and sharp headlamp design is full of strong visual impact.In addition, also equipped with a triangle smoked black movement surrounded, equipped with no border on the hidden air intake grille, really more popular with young consumers.From the side, the Changan Uni-V is matched with blackened wheels and concealed electric door handles, mirrors and blackened Windows around the sides.The tail design reminds me of trumpchi’s Shadow Leopard. This Changan UNI-V also adopts a similar design, with four chrome-plated exhaust pipes on both sides. It is really exaggerated, and when combined with exhaust noise, it is an enhanced Civic.It also has a large hatchback design and through-through taillights.As for the body data, the length, width and height of Changan UNI-V are 4680/1838/1430mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2750mm. The body data are quite beautiful, especially the wheelbase and the width and overstep of the car are obvious.As for the interior design, a lot of people describe the science fiction, but feel that the steering wheel is more grade, they prefer the D-shaped steering wheel, plus the silver shift plate with metal texture is more handsome, but I think this steering wheel is actually more good, playing the direction is also more convenient and easy.The central control screen adopts the suspension design, which echoes the driving computer screen. This design is more ergonomic.The rest of the configuration, such as the shift part of the use of metal knob shift, more feel, look more upscale.According to the disclosed configuration, the seats have a black leather design, and the front seats have a sporty style design with heating and ventilation.The rear seat of the new car uses a panoramic sunroof that cannot be opened, and it also has a negative ion generator and on-board air purifier functions.The Changan Uni-V is also packed with SONY sound, 360-degree panoramic image system, 540-degree high-definition panoramic image and remote parking.The changan uni-v is also a more powerful powertrain, with a 1.5-ton turbocharged engine that produces 188 HP and 300N·m of peak torque. It needs no. 92 gasoline and is matched by a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.Seeing the data, you should understand that this is a Blue whale engine, the data and many 2.0T engine data, and in the actual use of the process, the acceleration is quite fast.