Insist to drink, but do not drink much, drunk, good to the body?Tell you the safe amount of alcohol to drink

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When the Spring Festival comes, friends get together. Whether friends and relatives get together or classmates and teachers meet, they more or less have a meal to catch up and enhance each other’s feelings.On the dining table, there are not only various delicacies, but also related wine culture.Many people drink a few glasses of wine to create a good atmosphere, but do not know that regular drinking is harmful to health.Drink often, but do not drink too much, drunk wine, good to the body?People who are dependent on alcohol are eager to drink every day, and their bodies can metabolize alcohol under the condition that they control their drinking quantity well and do not get drunk. Compared with people who are drunk, they are not prone to adverse reactions, but this situation does not mean that it is good for their health.If the frequency of drinking is high, it can also add up to damage.Liver as a place to metabolize alcohol, habitual drinking, liver cells may be damaged, and then there is the possibility of disease.Some people fatty liver, alcoholic liver, liver cirrhosis and other high prevalence, and often drink about.Just because you don’t drink or get drunk doesn’t mean it won’t hurt.For your health, the most important thing is to be teetotal.What is the safe amount of alcohol to drink?People who have to drink should know what is a safe amount of alcohol to drink and take steps to stop drinking when drunk.According to the study, the safest amount to drink is zero milliliters.Some people exist lucky psychology, feel to drink a few wine, drink a little less will not bring harm, but do not know as long as there is drinking behavior, alcohol into the human body will increase liver metabolism pressure.If alcohol is consumed, it can also affect changes in blood pressure or damage the stomach lining, which can make an existing health problem worse.For the sake of health, to ensure safety, we need to do not touch alcohol, in the case of not drinking these safety risks can be eliminated.What are the dangers of drinking alcohol?Some people are addicted to alcohol, drinking almost every day, eventually dragging down their bodies. Alcoholism also increases the risk of liver cancer.In addition, excessive drinking stimulates blood vessels in many parts of the body after blood pressure changes, which may reduce organ function.Some also suffered heart damage and stroke, all related to excessive drinking.In order to prevent these serious diseases and improve the quality of life, it is necessary to resolutely avoid drinking alcohol.To sum up, drinking often, but not drinking too much and getting drunk is also harmful to the body. Do not think that there is no safety hazard if you drink less. As long as there is drinking behavior, it will bring more or less damage.# MEDUSA Media Group ## Project Cool Breeze #