Everyone has ups and downs. Dust and move on

2022-06-13 0 By

Life is experience, life is experience, there is no always plain sailing, there is no always happy people, there will always be wind and rain, the wind and waves carry their own!At the foot of the road, no matter twists and turns flat, that don’t look back, move forward.Choose good things, regardless of success or failure, determined not to linger, perseverance to complete.Happiness is not something you want to be, but something you work hard at.Success is not a dream, but a struggle.If you want to be the best, you have to eat the bitter, the brave without tears, to be strong, the strong without fear, to win.Do not complain about the present situation, do not blame the failure of their own, people experience different.Everyone has ups and downs. Dust and move on.Stick to the end, there will always be a turn for the better, brave forward, will meet a miracle.Life is full of ups and downs, life is hard step by step, but ups and downs failure is not terrible, afraid of decadence.Nothing in the world is difficult, the most afraid of a willing heart, who is not in the experience of rolling lessons, who is not in the struggle to obtain happiness.Do wrong, correct, fall, climb up, fail, start again, in trouble, unyielding!Body in adversity, fight to break through, fall in the valley, break to have a turning point, if give up, will be a complete failure, only work hard, can stand out!Remember: ups and downs, their own walk, kankanke bumpy, their cross.Everyone has ups and downs, clap the dust and go on, as long as you do not give up, you can win, as long as you do not admit defeat, success!