Dutch supermarkets have fallen out with suppliers over prices, but consumers have been left feeling sorry for themselves

2022-06-13 0 By

There is conflict between supermarkets and suppliers.Suppliers are demanding higher prices, but supermarkets are unwilling to pay.The result: consumers no longer have access to certain brands.Nestle recently stopped supplying Albert Heijn with products such as Maggi and KitKat.The supermarket chain is also in a dispute with a supplier of frozen snacks.At Jumbo, Kellogg’s products, including Pringles chips and breakfast cereals, are also now off the shelves.And anyone trying to order crisps from Picnic Lay’s, an online supermarket, was greeted with the message: “Not available – we are trying to get the lowest price.Unfortunately, we were unable to reach an agreement with this supplier.”The battle for the lowest price is on the rise this year between supermarkets and suppliers over price rises.Supermarkets do not want to pass these costs on to customers because they are confident of controlling price rises, and if prices rise, customers will go elsewhere.But suppliers say “we have no choice” because they too must deal with the increased costs of raw materials, transportation and energy.Annual Negotiations Negotiations between suppliers and retailers over the cost of products in stores are an annual phenomenon.Normally, these negotiations conclude before the end of the year and resume in the New Year.But retail expert and professor Lawrence Slott explains that things seem to be different this year.”The high prices make some negotiations difficult,” he said.The price increase is not a tenth of what it normally is, it’s much higher.”The two sides have now agreed on many products, but there is no way to limit price increases to 10% to 15%.This article is compiled by China Dutch Business Daily, shall not be reproduced without permission!