Clivia doesn’t have arrows

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Plant growth is inseparable from the help of fertilizer, usually in the maintenance of time if not enough fertilizer to it may affect the growth of the plant.Clivia plants that do well but don’t flower are most likely due to lack of phosphate fertilizer.Because phosphorus helps plants take root, sprout and bloom.Light is a necessary condition for plant growth. However, different plants have different conditions in receiving light. Clivia likes scattering light.However, if the light is too weak, the growth of the clivia plant will be affected, and the flowering will be affected.Underwatering is also one of the reasons why clivia does not blossom. Underwatering or overwatering will make the growth of clivia not particularly good.Or they grow well, but they don’t flower.Therefore, when watering, the general spring water every day, summer to sprinkle a little more, autumn two days or so.