Us threatened China, banned support for Russia, China and Russia signed 15 cooperation agreements, face off

2022-06-12 0 By

America always think the whole world to hear, there is no denying the fact that the comprehensive strength in the United States or in the first place, and that is why the United States long term bossiness, easily sanctions for the other countries, this is the normal of the “long arm jurisdiction”, because the United States has a strong military and economic power, which can guarantee the implementation of the sanctions,Because many countries simply cannot withstand US sanctions.202202071/ Aviation Vision /AZ, but now the United States is no longer the “heyday”, but the United States still think too highly of itself, or through sanctions on other countries to achieve their goals, recently the United States again targeted Russia, the United States began sanctions on Russia in 2014.During the Spring Festival, the U.S. State Department publicly threatened to impose sanctions on Chinese companies if they cooperate with Russia, said State Department spokesman Price on February 3.The State Department did not specify the areas of cooperation between Chinese companies and Russia, but the U.S. has made it clear that Chinese companies are not allowed to support Russia.Now the United States constantly clamour to sanction Russia, because Russia and the United States did not reach a consensus on the eastward expansion of NATO and the Ukraine issue, Russia and the United States after a number of negotiations, Russia and NATO and osCE negotiations, but the parties are “self talk”.Just as the United States threatened to ban China’s support for Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin flew to Beijing, during which China and Russia signed 15 strategic cooperation agreements, which aviation observers saw as a quick attack on the United States.That America is not further sanctions against Russia, China will give Russia’s strong support, including a large number of purchasing energy from Russia, China and Russia signed a long-term energy cooperation agreement, China will increase purchasing energy such as oil and gas, and through the ways such as central Asia pipeline transportation, this time, China and Russia,It is a direct counter to American hegemony.The United States often plays the role of “world policeman”, but it has no effect on China and Russia. China defeated the United States abroad in the 1950s, and the United States first signed an armistice in an unwon war.Today, China will not be afraid of the THREAT of the United States, and China can already look the United States in the eye, because China is the world’s second largest economy, the size of China’s economy in dollars has reached 77% of the United States, which is the basis of China’s toughness, the Chinese people do not accept the United States’ superior set.China and Russia have signed 15 strategic cooperation agreements in response to aggressive US diplomatic tactics.China has announced to import a large amount of oil and gas from Russia, which has given Russia a great help and laid a foundation for its economic development.The United States is to put Russia “whole” to the dead, and therefore to intensify sanctions for Russia, China and Russia joint action, broke the plot in the United States, the United States again how sanctions against Russia, at least procurement of China’s energy to come out, so Russia has now do not have to worry about the United States in Europe, China’s rapid economic development, need a lot of energy,The signing of 15 strategic cooperation agreements between China and Russia this time is a direct attack on the United States. The United States has called for banning China from supporting Russia, and China has shown its attitude with actions.