Top 20 schools in South Korea

2022-06-12 0 By

The total number of Universities in Korea exceeds 400.I firmly believe that many students who are planning to study abroad for graduate school will feel very confused about the choice of schools and specialties. Here, we will sort out the 20 well-known universities.I look forward to giving some assistance to those who dream of studying abroad in Korea.1 Seoul National University, South Korea 2 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 3 Pohang University of Science and Technology 4 Yonsei University 5 Korea Dynasty University 6 Sungkyunkwan University 7 Optical Valley University 8 Sogang University 9 Chung-Ong University 10 Seoul, South KoreaNational University of Culture and Education 10 Kyunghee University 12 Seoul Metropolitan University 13 Hankuk University of Foreign Studies 14 Ewha Womans University 15 Dongguk University 16 Founding University 17 Pusan National University 18 Kyungbuk National University 19 Kyungin University 20 Hongik UniversityThis is my reference to many Korean official websites and Baidu post bar rankings.Among them, some universities (such as Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Pohang University of Science and Technology) are only for the Recruitment of South Korean students, equivalent to the Chinese Academy of Sciences in China, because of shaping Chinese skills.Friends who want to go to Korea to study abroad for a master’s degree can have a look at their university rankings.For those of you who are not sure what college you want to attend, you can also use the rankings to pick your future schools.To learn more