Press conference | baiquan county four infected!There is no spillover risk

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On the morning of January 31, the Information Office of Qiqihar Municipal Government held the 14th press conference on epidemic prevention and control work in Baiquan County to report the epidemic situation in the county, and relevant officials answered questions from journalists.Li Ying, executive Deputy commander of The Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters of Baiquan County, briefed on the current situation of the epidemic in Baiquan County:On January 30, baiquan on isolation control in suifenhe to return personnel screening nucleic acids, found 3 people at the beginning of the nucleic acid samples screen shows masculine gender, the panel based on the COVID – 19 medical eighth edition revised (trial) “, combined with epidemiological investigation, clinical, imaging findings and laboratory nucleic acid testing results, the comprehensive analysis,Three cases were diagnosed as asymptomatic infected persons.Asymptomatic infected persons were diagnosed as asymptomatic infected persons after comprehensive evaluation after the initial screening of one positive person in the close contact test.At present, there are four asymptomatic infected persons in Baiquan County, all of whom have been transferred to designated hospitals for isolation and medical observation.The details of the 4 asymptomatic infected persons are as follows: Asymptomatic infected persons 1 and 2 are husband and wife, and asymptomatic infected persons 3 are daughters of asymptomatic infected persons 1 and 2.At 16:30 on January 24, the three people returned to Baiquan County by car from Suifenhe city and were placed under centralized quarantine on January 25.Asymptomatic infected person 4: the mother of asymptomatic infected person 1.She lived with an asymptomatic infected person 1-3 on the night of January 24;Asymptomatic infected persons 1-3 have been quarantined at home since January 25.The nucleic acid test was negative on January 26 and transferred to the centralized isolation point on the morning of January 30.After returning to Baiquan County, the above personnel did not go out for activities, did not contact other personnel, no activity track in Baiquan County, after study and judgment, there is no spill risk for the time being.Qiqihar city epidemic prevention and control leading group acted quickly, provincial and county level flat command, set up baiquan county epidemic prevention and control front-line headquarters.Rapid development of flow tracing.Up to now, 48 migrant workers have been dispatched at the provincial, provincial and county levels, and eight migrant working groups have been set up to carry out epidemiological investigations on the infected and determine their trajectories.A total of 7 people were identified as secret contacts, and 84 people were identified as secondary secret contacts.Positive samples have been sent to the provincial CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention for genetic sequencing.We’re doing everything we can to isolate and control.Baiquan County has quarantined 78 of the 91 people who were found to be in close contact or sub-close contact, and the remaining 13 people are under strict home quarantine due to illness and disability.Nine hotels and 355 rooms have been put into use.Reserve 12 isolation hotels and 539 isolation rooms.Equipped with “six in one” control personnel 72.We are closely monitoring the health of the three people who returned from the same bus with asymptomatic infected persons. They were placed under centralized quarantine on January 26 and tested negative for nucleic acid.To organize nucleic acid testing.On January 26, Baiquan county has completed regional nucleic acid screening, sampling 244,075 people, nucleic acid test results are negative.On The 30th, nucleic acid samples were collected from 1509 people in Qunfu village of Longquan Town and 203 people in Pingzheng Village of Fuqiang Town, and the results were all negative.Nucleic acid samples were collected from 3290 key population, and the results were all negative.110 environmental samples were collected, of which 3 were positive, and they were 1-4 dwellings and isolation rooms of asymptomatic infected persons.In accordance with relevant requirements, sampling of epidemic-related areas and final disinfection of external environments such as public areas and home environments will be carried out.We will do all we can to ensure material support.Baiquan county has started 32 emergency trucks on standby, at any time to follow orders to set out, mainly responsible for the transport of supplies in the county.The county has a sufficient supply of living materials, including 2,100 tons of rice, flour, grain and oil, 120 tons of fruits and vegetables, and 73 tons of meat, eggs and milk, which can guarantee the basic living needs of the county residents for 15-20 days (excluding the living materials that residents have stored at home).We will strengthen the mechanism for direct supply of supplies to epidem-affected villages to ensure supplies during the Spring Festival.Baiquan Zhang Lijun, deputy head of the people’s government in response to a given the current epidemic situation baiquan told a reporter’s question: what controls baiquan county has a partition management, delimit the longquan town group faoug, prosperous town fair village for centralization, implement “area, never leave home, door to door” service, staff car out is prohibited.Longquan town and Fuqiang Town were designated as controlled areas, and “no people are allowed to leave the area and no gathering is allowed”.Shizhong Township, Xinsheng Township, Ainong township and Yongqin township as a whole prevention area, strengthen social meeting control, strictly restrict the gathering of people.Strict management of arrival and return.Strengthen the control of the seven bayonet crossings at the county boundary, advocating that it is not necessary to leave the worship, but those who do need to leave the worship should pass by the green health code with the negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours, and take good personal protection at all times.Personnel passing through shall be strictly checked by bayonet staff, and those who can pass through shall sign the “Risk Personnel Commitment Letter” and then seal the release.Those who have traveled to medium-high risk areas or have crossed paths with positive patients should report to their villages.We will do a good job of screening and registration of arrivals, and implement ledger management.Strengthen the management of business sites.First, strengthen the management of hospitals and pharmacies.Private hospitals closed the management of existing inpatients and suspended receiving treatment;Closure of all private clinics;All pharmacies suspend sales of antipyretic, antibiotic, antiviral, cough and cold drugs;Second, strengthen traffic management.Taxis, long-distance passenger vehicles and other public transport operations will be suspended to effectively control the flow of people.Third, we will strengthen management of key places.Nursing homes for the aged, mental hospitals and prisons shall be completely closed for management;Offline teaching is prohibited in schools, kindergartens and off-campus training institutions.Fourth, we will strictly control all kinds of gathering activities.We will continue to postpone red affairs, simplify white affairs, and not hold banquets. Gambling is strictly prohibited and religious gatherings are suspended.Around in view of the current epidemic situation, people should pay attention to what reporters’ questions, qiqihaer city centers for disease control and prevention of infectious diseases, director of the said GuoChunJie COVID – 19 epidemic is still spreading in the whole world, the more recent and zhuhai imported outbreaks again remind: the epidemic there can be no paralysis lax and lucky slacken off.Continue to practice good hygiene.Pay attention to hand hygiene. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after eating, going to the toilet and shopping. Do not touch your mouth, eyes and nose before cleaning your hands.Follow cough etiquette and cover your coughs and sneezes with your elbow or tissue.Do not spit everywhere. Wrap nasal and mouth secretions with tissue paper and dispose of them in garbage bins.Do a good job of self-health monitoring.If you have fever or respiratory symptoms, especially if you have had close contact with patients with respiratory infectious diseases recently, you are not advised to go shopping and go to the nearest fever clinic.It is not necessary to stay close to the cities of medium-high risk areas and areas at risk reported by positive patients in China.All incoming (returning) personnel should report to the destination community in advance.Before entering the city area, scan the “Qiqihar arrival and return Personnel code” and fill it truthfully.The epidemic prevention and control measures of Qiqihar shall be implemented when entering the city.People arriving in Qiqihar from affected areas or from other provinces are required to take a nucleic acid test upon arrival in Qiqihar with a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.Proactive vaccination against COVID-19.Vaccination is the most effective means of preventing COVID-19.People who are eligible for the coronavirus vaccine should go to the nearest community health centres or township health centres for novel Coronavirus vaccine.Reporter: Sun Hao trainee editor: Bo Xun review: Jiang Ming overall planning: Jiang Bin