Old-style southern red beads, very valuable

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The so-called old type, simple understanding is namely: in the barrel bead and the round bead sought some changes in the shape system.It was a small change, but it had a very unusual effect!Unlike the stiff straight lines of barrel beads, the old type requires each intersecting surface to connect smoothly and perfectly.No matter which Angle, you can clearly see the smooth arc line outline, the whole beaded view is very full, carefree.But the arc surface of the old type bead, and different from the round bead, it is relatively more “soft”, pay attention to the gradual change of the fine place, the intersection of the two sides can not feel the edges and corners, so one naturally combined!The other key to a good bead shape is proportion.The artisan who makes the old bead will not usually tell you what proportion the old bead has, and there is no specific value.But careful observation will find that the old type bead must be slightly larger than the diameter gap of the hole, generally about 0.5mm, can not be too big, can not be too small, otherwise it will lose this kind of beauty.The special shape of the old pearl is actually originated from coconut.Coconut butt wool is barrel bead shape, in terms of processing cost and consumption, processing this old type is obviously more material saving than round beads.Excelsior can produce the best, but it is precisely because of this ultimate pursuit, just created the old classic.The old style is the “art” derived from “work”. Instead of blindly pursuing the balance between gain and loss, we have our own scale in mind. The ultimate pursuit makes life a little more delicate and gives us a sense of ceremony that has been inadvertently forgotten.Part of the text and text from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete