Nanyang, in southwestern Henan province, was designated as the deputy capital of emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Dynasty

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Nanyang (wan) is located in the southwest of henan province, bordering east and club banners, Tang He, south adjacent to new item, deng county, ascending in the west, north to south, mahjong layout, covers an area of 1801.5 square kilometers and a population of 1.002 million (incomplete statistics), arable land 1.621 million mu, in 18 ethnic enclaves within the territory of the han Chinese residents about 980000 people, accounting for 98% of the total population.There are more than 20,000 residents of 17 ethnic minorities such as Hui and Mongolian, accounting for 2% of the total population.The agricultural population is 950,000, accounting for about 93% of the total population.According to archaeological findings, nanyang has been inhabited by human beings in ancient times, and the Zhou Dynasty was the fief of The State of Lu and China.In the Spring and Autumn Period, Chu set up Wan Yi.Wan County during the Qin Dynasty.During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, The Northern Zhou and Wan entered Shangmo, which was renamed Shangwan.In the early Sui Dynasty, it was renamed Nanyang County, and the name of Nanyang County (city) is still in use today. The county administration office is Wan Cheng, and it has also been the county, government and special administration office since the Qin Dynasty.Western Han Dynasty for the national iron center merchants gathered, then there was “Wan, Luo Fu crown the world” reputation;Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Dynasty was appointed as the deputy capital, known as the “Southern Capital”.After successive dynasties although there are ups and downs, but straight for the central Plains one of the important towns.In November 1949, the first county and city (Nanyang City) were set up separately, after three points three,1961, respectively, the county has not set up another county, county party and government organs for the city units.County (city) northwest for shallow hills, most of the rest of the plain fertile field.In the northern part of the county, eight mountains (Dushan, Pushan, Purple mountain, Sheep mountain, mill Mountain, tazi mountain, Fengshan, hidden mountain), the formation of a unique geographical style.The plain covers about 71.5‰ of the total area.The main rivers within the white River, river and li River.The water area is 135,800 mu, accounting for about 5% of the total area.Nanyang for the warm temperate zone, northwest and funiu mountain barrier, the climate is more moderate.According to the data statistics in the past 60 years, the average annual temperature is 149℃, the average annual rainfall is 805.5 mm, and the average annual frost-free period is 229 days, which has the superior conditions for the development of agriculture.There are more than 130 kinds of animals and plants in the territory, and nearly 10 kinds of woody plants, more than 20 kinds of fish.Crops between the north and the south and storage, as many as 73 varieties of nanyang county agricultural development earlier, although but in feudal and semi-feudal society, due to the restriction of production relations, abnormal production development is slow, long-term in the closed state of natural economy, combined with the disasters, farmers life has been in poverty, in the past, only 65 years from 1877 to 1942 in the modern history of the three timesSevere drought, every time led to people fleeing for food, starvation of the remaining drama.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the feudal land system was abolished, the productive forces were initially liberated, irrigation and water conservancy projects were set up and scientific farming was promoted, thus achieving some development in agricultural production.However, the great Leap Forward movement and the movement to transform rural people into communes in the late 1950s severely dampened farmers’ enthusiasm for production.Therefore, in the nearly 30 years after liberation, the annual grain yield per mu has been hovering around 150 kilograms, and the poverty situation in rural areas has not been really improved.The third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee held in 1978 marked a new turning point in China’s socialist revolution and construction.The Party has implemented the household contract responsibility system in rural areas, which is in line with China’s national conditions and has brought about unprecedented development of agricultural production.The total output value of agriculture in 1985 was 350 million yuan, an increase of 10.6 times over 1949. In terms of crops, the total output of grain was 410 million kg, lint 32.83 million kg and oil 6.64 million kg, 2.7 times, 9 times and 3.9 times higher than 1949 respectively.Livestock: 103,976 cattle and 207,845 hogs, up 13 times and 3.5 times respectively.(Note :1949 figures have been drawn from Nanyang city, Nanhedian, Bo Wang, credit flag, Qiaotou, Qingtai districts).At present, a prominent problem on the agricultural front is the continuous growth of population and the annual decrease in the area of cultivated land. In 1985, the per capita cultivated land decreased from 29 mu in 1949 to 1.6 mu.Nanyang county (city) agricultural development largely depends on relatively superior water conservancy conditions.County (city) border water conservancy construction has a long history, when the Emperor Yuan of the Han Dynasty, the prefect summoned the minister to mobilize the masses to dig the canal (later known as “Zhaofu canal”) at that time with the Guanzhong Zhengguo canal, Sichuan Dujiangyan, collectively known as the country’s three major irrigation areas.Later dynasties minor repairs and large waste, until the eve of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the county (city) only left more than 30,000 mu of irrigated land, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the government attaches great importance to the construction of water conservancy, in 1958, the county began to carry out large-scale water conservancy construction, has completed two main channels across the county (city) (Yaghe reservoir supporting project), 27 small and medium-sized reservoirs, more than 4,000 mechanical Wells.The irrigable area reached 1.0779 million mu, accounting for 66.5% of the total cultivated land.However, in the construction of the project, there have been some phenomena of disrespect for science, recklessness and fraud, resulting in some undeserved losses.Due to poor management, some irrigation and water facilities have been damaged in recent years.In 1985, the actual irrigated area was only 666,300 mu.Accounting for 41.1% of cultivated land.Modern industrial foundation of Nanyang county is relatively weak.Before the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there were only a few manual workshops and semi-mechanized dyeing, weaving and brewing factories in the iron industry, but now there are 149 small and medium-sized factories in mechanical and electrical engineering, chemical industry, building materials, textile, pharmaceutical, food and clothing (1985).In 1985, the annual output value reached 2.3 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 44% of the total industrial and agricultural output value.Township enterprises have developed rapidly since 1980. By the end of 1985, there were 13,219 enterprises of various types with a total output value of 160 million yuan, which played an important role in invigorating the rural commodity economy.In the industrial and agricultural products in addition to the early famous silk, soldering, stone carving and cattle, sheep skin, live pigs, bristle ribbon weaving, rice vinegar and other commodities, in recent years the formation of bulk commodities in agriculture, cotton, wheat, corn, soybeans, mung beans, oil, etc..In the industrial side, there are mills, transformers, cement, chemical fertilizer, crude oil, cotton yarn, cotton cloth, beer and other commodities, cattle with its fine meat delicious, leathery fine, renowned at home and abroad, the world’s rice vinegar, brewing process is unique, vinegar taste acid fragrant pure, and long storage does not metamorphic products in short supply.In particular, cotton, its fiber length, fineness and lint points and other indicators have reached the international standards, not only welcomed by the domestic cotton textile industry, and has been exported to the Soviet Union, Singapore and other nine countries and regions.In 1985, the ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, the Ministry of Economic and Trade, the Ministry of Commerce awarded “quality and credibility, export more than ten thousand tons of advanced county” honorary banner.High-quality cotton exports are among the best in China.