“Before and after” in the names of dynasties

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Line test common sense judgment part of the examination content is all-inclusive, very extensive, from time to time there will be historical knowledge, especially ancient Chinese history, as long as thousands of years of ancient Chinese history, dynasty replacement frequently, dynasty name similar, in order to facilitate the later generations to distinguish more “before and after east, west, north and south” words.In the exam, facing dynasty sorting, examinees are often confused, public education will now comb the knowledge points as follows.In 1046 BC, King Wu of Zhou won the Battle of Muye, destroyed the Shang Dynasty, and established his capital in Haojing (now Xi ‘an, Shaanxi province), which was the beginning of the Western Zhou Dynasty. The Guanzhong region ruled by King Zhou himself was called “Zongzhou”.During the reign of King Cheng of Zhou, in order to strengthen his control over the East, the new capital luoyi (today’s Luoyang in Henan Province) was built, which was called “Cheng Zhou”.At the end of the Western Zhou Dynasty, after the brutal rule of King Li of Zhou, “Riots of Chinese people” broke out.The beacon tower of King You of Zhou made the king of Zhou lose faith in the world.In 771 BC, King You of Zhou was killed by the dog Rong. The following year, King Ping of Zhou moved east to Luoyi under the protection of some vassals, which is known as the Eastern Zhou.During the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the King of Zhou lost his position as the ruler of the whole world, and the vassals were constantly quarreling with each other.The early period of the Eastern Zhou dynasty is called the Spring and Autumn Period.In 453 BC, han, Zhao and Wei divided the Jin, known as the Warring States Period.In the eastern Zhou Dynasty, the area directly ruled by the emperor of Zhou was King Ji of Zhou, known as “King Ji of Thousands of miles”. In the first year of king Kao of Zhou, the king of Zhou delimited the land south of The River of Wang Ji, granted his younger brother Jie in the king’s city, and established the state of Zhou, with the territory west of Chanhe Water and south of Luo River as the Huan Duke of Western Zhou, forming a small vassal state.In 367 BC, due to the rebellion of Childe Gen, Marquis Cheng of Zhao divided the state of Zhou into two states, namely east Zhou and West Zhou, which were known as the Duchy of West Zhou and east Zhou.At the end of the Qin Dynasty, the whole country was in chaos. After four years of war between chu and Han, Liu Bang defeated Xiang Yu. In 202 BC, Liu Bang proclaimed himself emperor in Dingtao, Shandong Province, and made his capital in Chang ‘an, which was called the Western Han, also known as the Former Han.After Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, consort clans and eunuchs fought increasingly for central power, and the imperial power of the Western Han dynasty gradually fell away. In 8 AD, Consort Wang Mang abolished The crown prince Ruziying and established a new dynasty, which brought the western Han dynasty to an end.As a result, Liu Xiu, one of the clans of the Western Han dynasty, took the occasion of a rebellion in The area of Lulin and Chimei at the end of the New Dynasty. As a result, He conferred the title of emperor of the Unified Han dynasty on Him and his capital city of Luoyang in 25 AD. As a result, he has conferred the name of Han on him – the Eastern Han, also known as the Second Han in history.In the middle and later period of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the empress dowager was in charge of the government and the consort was in charge of the government.During the reign of Emperor Huan and Emperor Ling, the peasants were undisciplined, expropriated and sold official titles and were overwhelmed by multiple cruel pressures. In 184 AD, the Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out. The court ordered each state and county to recruit soldiers by themselves, which basically suppressed the uprising, but led to the local tyrants holding soldiers in self-respect.From then on, the imperial court lost power, which opened the prelude to the separation of the eastern Han dynasty. Finally, Cao PI usurped the throne and destroyed the Eastern Han dynasty, entering the period of separation of The Three Kingdoms.During the Period of The Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei had his kingdom in Chengdu, which was called Han. It was called Shu Han for short, also known as Liu Shu and Ji Han.It was destroyed by Wei in 263.