These words to yourself

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There is a famous Harvard theory that people are distinguished by their spare time, and that a person’s destiny is determined between 8 and 10 p.m.Set aside two hours a night to read, study, meditate, or participate in an intentional talk or discussion. You will find that your life is changing, and success will beckon over the years.No matter what your income is, divide your investment into five parts. Invest in your body so it works all the time.Invest in networking to expand your network.Increase your investment in learning to strengthen your self-confidence;Increase your investment in travel and expand your knowledge.Increase your investments in the future and increase your returns.Plan well and you will find that you will gradually have a large surplus in your life.Classic quotation: the past one page, can not turn do not turn, turn down the dust will be lost in his eyes.Some people can not say where good, but no one can replace!Those who used to say never separated, already scattered in the horizon.Pick up the mood, continue to go, miss the flower, you will harvest rain, miss this one, you will meet the next one.Classic sayings: be misunderstood when can slightly smile, this is a quality;Wronged when can calm smile, this is a kind of generosity;Lose when can happy smile, this is a open-minded;Helpless when can philosophical smile, this is a realm;When the crisis can calm smile, this is a kind of atmosphere;Having a calm smile to face with being disdained indicates kind of confidence.When lovelorn can gently smile, this is a kind of free and easy.On the way of life, some are unavoidable, such as fate;Some things cannot be changed, such as love;Some are indelible, like memories;Some things are hard to put aside, like love…It is better to face it bravely than to suffer passively;It is better to hit the wind and rain than the bird under the eaves;It is better to break out in the struggle than to be lonely in the silence…The more difficult the road, the greater the resistance, the more risks, as long as the past, life will be more wonderful.You can’t change the environment, but you can change yourself;You can’t change the facts, but you can change your attitude;You can’t change the past, but you can change the present;You can’t control others, but you can control yourself;You can’t predict tomorrow, but you can seize today;You can’t do everything well, but you can do everything with your heart;You can’t extend the length of life, but you can decide the width of life.Charming woman: 1, good at discovering the beauty of life.2. Get into the habit of reading.3, have taste.4. Make friends with thoughtful people.5. Stay away from bubble shows.Learn patience and tolerance.Develop a healthy attitude, pay attention to their own body.Leave any man, will live well.Have financial motivation, learn investment management.Respect feelings and cherish fate.The fool seeks happiness far away, the wise man cultivates it around himself.Every detail of life contains happiness, it just depends on whether you feel it or not.Happy people, in every thing, in every person, he can find what makes him happy, and let happiness expand, inspire and influence the people around him.1, the most important thing is today’s heart;Don’t always talk to yourself;Do what you should do with your heart;Don’t care too much about other people’s evaluation;Everyone has his own way of life;Like yourself will embrace life;Don’t blindly please others;What is done will let nature take its course;Might as well temporarily put aside trouble;To feel happy is happiness.Classic sayings: no forever fate, no eternal life, we can have, may be just ordinary life.However, because of you, life is completely different, no oath, no commitment, we only need to love the edge, with the eyes as the medium, confirm the agreement on the stone, then hold hands, do not have to grip, but never relax, to their own design of love, to deduce a classic eternal.Classic sayings: We are tired, is often wandering between adhere to and give up, indecisive.The reason why we have trouble is that we have a good memory. What should and shouldn’t be remembered will stay in our memory.We suffer because we pursue too much.We are not happy, is caring too much, not we have too little, but we care too much.10 things that attract women to men :1. Authenticity 2. Depth 3.Mind 4. Dare 5. Demeanor 6. Smart 7.10. Romance. Adventure.10 traits that attract men to women :1. Gentleness 2. Intellectuality 3.Self-restraint 5. Hazy 6. Small gestures 7. Housework 8. White skin 9. Sexy dress 10.Sweet atmosphere classic sayings: true love, is to accept, not endure;Support, not dominance;Sympathy, not inquiry;True love is thanks and apologies.Be considerate and understanding.To admit mistakes, or correction;True love is not gazing at each other, but looking together in the same direction.Love is not finding a perfect person.Instead, learn to appreciate an imperfect person with perfect eyes.Classic sayings: there are always some people around, you see him all day happy, frank like a child, everyone envy him;In fact, where do you know: before a second person also sadly shed tears of him, after a second person immediately filled with bright smile.They actually do not have the ability to be alone, in the quiet of night, always sit in front of the window to the night sky meditation frustrated pain.They are like sunflowers, always bright to the sun on the front, but not on the back of the sadness deep.In life, some people come and go, some people come and go, some people come and go, some people come and go, some people come and go, some people come and go, some people come and go.Perhaps they meet at the end of two roads, walk a part of the way, and say goodbye at the next fork.In any case, will inevitably come to an end of sadness.Far in the tianya friend: perhaps is far too far to greet, but still thank you for having a companion.Love is very simple, because everyone will say: “I love you, will pay everything for you!”Love is hard because not many people keep their promises.If you truly love someone, you will love without commitment.If you do not love a person, once promised will betray.Classic quotations: a magazine on the country over the age of 60 of the elderly sampling survey: the first: 75% of the people regret when young efforts are not enough, resulting in nothing.Number two: 70 percent regret choosing the wrong career when they were young.No. 3:62% regret improper parenting of their children.Number four: 57 percent regret not cherishing their partner.Number five: 49 percent regret not treating their body well.A person should not be too simple and moderate disguise oneself. Everything should leave room for retreat. A word should not be spoken, a word should be spoken, a word should be spoken, a word should be spoken.Nothing gets into trouble, nothing fears nothing. No small ceremony: etiquette and gifts 8. People in the river’s jianghu floating guard against friends knife, occasionally “snobbish” looking for the reliable partner the temptation to put down the face to be a man.In life’s journey, there are always people who are coming, and people who are leaving.When the new name becomes the old name, when the old name is gradually blurred, it is the end of one story and the beginning of another.In the continuous encounter and stagger, finally understand: people around you can only accompany yourself through or near or far a journey, but not with his life;Accompany oneself all one’s life is one’s own name and those who are clear or vague name bring affection.From now on, be smart, don’t ask others whether you love you or not?If they want to miss you or love you, they will say it to you, but if they say it from your mouth, they will be proud and don’t care about you.Don’t care too much about some people, too much about some things, just let it go and face it with the best attitude, because this is the way of the world: we are often the least valuable in front of the things that matter the most.A person’s achievement is not measured by money, but by how many people in your life you have been kind to and how many people miss you.A businessman’s books record income and expenditure. When the two numbers are subtracted, they make a profit.The ledger of life, record love and be loved, two numbers add up, is achievement.