In nature, most males are prettier than females, so why are human women prettier than men?

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In general, animals that differ from females in appearance tend to follow the general rule that males are more colorful than females.For example, male peacocks have beautiful tail feathers, and when it comes to mating and breeding, they will spread their tails to attract the attention of females.Individuals with larger tail feathers are more likely to have mating preference.Males tend to be prettier and the same is true of other species where males are prettier than females.Males are more attractive, more artificial, and the more attractive an individual is, from a human perspective, the better looking he or she is in that species.In humans, the opposite is true. Men are not as beautiful as women, who pay more attention to grooming and looking more beautiful.Why the difference?Why is it so common for many species in nature to have males that are more attractive?Males are more attractive because females have priority in mate selection.Sexually reproducing creatures, those with “priority in mate selection”, are less likely to display personal attractiveness.Females produce significantly fewer eggs than males’ sperm and, as they are responsible for the reproduction of the population, have more control over the survival of the population.Male individuals need to show more strength to gain recognition from the other.In competition for mating rights, the more attractive the male, the greater the competitive advantage.The reason why women are more beautiful in human society seems to be at odds with survival. The more attractive an individual is, the more likely he or she is to attract the attention of predators, the less likely he or she is to survive.In fact, evolution toward beauty is also the result of natural selection.The more attractive individuals survived, indicating that they had better genes, which were more conducive to the survival of the population and were naturally more attractive to females.In human society, the threat of natural enemies is not the key factor affecting the survival of the population.After humans learned to walk upright, they experienced matriarchal society and developed into a male-dominated society. Men occupied more resources in the society, and women gradually became dependent on men.In order to get more resources, women will enhance attractiveness through dressing up, in order to get the favor of men.If only from the point of view of morphology, human beings are a kind of male and female beauty and ugliness is not obvious, but there are some differences in body shape.In addition, the definition of human beauty and ugliness is based on attractiveness as the main standard, so the differences shown in natural forms are covered up by human factors.When it comes to defining human biological beauty, men are more beautiful than women.Because in nature, males who display individual attractiveness generally prioritize physical strength, which means greater chances of survival in nature and greater attraction to females.There is no universal standard for beauty and ugliness in human beings. Human beings evaluate beauty and ugliness in men and women from a new perspective, rather than a physical advantage representing greater beauty.Some women are unattractive, but have large bodies, and men still don’t see them as attractive women.Everyone’s aesthetic is more or less different, different aesthetic basis, judgment of beauty and ugliness also exist differences.So there’s no standard for beauty.Human women are more beautiful, more makeup, is the result of the development of patriarchal society.As gender equality takes hold among the public, it will eventually become a thing of the past for women to attract men with their gorgeous appearance in order to obtain better material living conditions.Everyone can pursue beauty in accordance with their own aesthetic standards, and technological progress will allow people to change their appearance according to their own wishes.Humans of the future will no longer be described as beautiful, but more as a term of praise.The basis of beauty and ugliness in human society will change, but the beauty and ugliness of animals is the result of natural selection, and will not change easily over a long period of time.