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The newly revised “Hangzhou Property Management Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) will be officially implemented on March 1, the establishment of the property management committee system is one of the innovative highlights.In order to further refine the work requirements of the establishment, operation and supervision of the Property Management Committee and provide basis for practical operation, Hangzhou recently issued the Implementation Measures for the Establishment and Operation of the Property Management Committee of Hangzhou (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Measures), which will come into force on March 11.Property management is related to grassroots social governance and people get a sense of happiness.In recent years, Hangzhou has continuously strengthened the construction of industry committee and property service enterprises under the guidance of Party construction, promoted the integration of property management into the urban grassroots governance pattern, and promoted the continuous improvement of the mechanism of “Party construction leading and tripartite coordination”.It has created 370 “beautiful home” residential demonstration communities, which embody hangzhou’s excellent comprehensive property management level and have harmonious and beautiful living environment, and 46 provincial “red property” projects.But there are still many residential areas, especially the old community owners congress difficult to establish, industry authority difficult to produce problems.In order to further improve the owners’ self-management organization and give full play to the main role of owners in property management activities, Hangzhou has carried out innovative exploration in practical work, and made up for the blank of owners’ congress and industry committee by setting up “self-management committee” and “joint management committee”.On this basis, Hangzhou actively learned from the advanced experience of Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities, combined with the actual situation of our city, in the newly revised “Regulations” innovation set up the property management committee system, clear street offices (township people’s governments) in five cases should promptly set up the property management committee,By the property management committee to organize owners to decide the relevant joint and joint management rights of major matters, and temporarily to perform the duties of the owners committee, in the system to fill the absence of industry authority caused by the owner’s self-management blank.In the regulations on property management committee on the basis of the principle regulation, by the general rules, forming a situation and personnel structure, forming procedures, job responsibilities, operating system, supervision and management, composed of seven parts such as supplementary provisions the measures for implementation and further refinement of the practice of property management committee what form, how to determine the candidate, such as how to run the whole process of the job requirement.The responsibilities of the municipal, district, county (city) real estate departments and civil affairs departments, sub-district offices (township people’s governments), and neighborhood committees have been clearly defined to ensure that each performs its own duties and works cooperatively.Clear personnel requirements to the property management committee of the composition of the number of people, personnel structure, director and deputy director of the determination of the unit appointed personnel requirements have made a clear provision, put forward ten negative situations should not be the owner’s representative, conducive to the smooth establishment of the property management committee.The complete procedures for the establishment of the property Management committee are stipulated in accordance with nine steps, including preparation for the establishment of the property management committee, announcement of the establishment announcement, recommendation of owners’ representatives, publicity of recommendation, selection of suggested candidates, publicity of candidates, decision of members, announcement of the establishment decision and carving of special seals.Clear responsibilities under six different situation are clear property management committee’s main responsibilities respectively, including prophase realty group owner supervision during contract performance, as the owners’ congress meeting for the first time to constitute organization established owners elected the owners’ congress and the owners’ committee, is in failing to set up the owners’ congress area to perform the duties of the owners’ committee, on behalf of the temporaryWhen the term of the owners’ committee expires and the term is changed for another election or the term terminates and the owners’ committee needs to be re-elected, it shall perform the duties of the working guidance group and temporarily act as the owners’ committee before the establishment of the owners’ committee in the old community.The system for convening meetings of property management committees has been clarified, and requirements for newly established property management committees to open basic deposit accounts, handle temporary tax registration, and file tax returns on schedule have been clarified.Make it clear that the property management committee can employ full-time staff such as secretary and finance by joint decision of owners or decision of owners’ general assembly.Clear supervision and management of the property management committee’s decision in violation of the laws and decrees and the rules of procedure of the general meeting of owners, clear the street agency (township people’s government) instructs its deadline to correct, property management committee did not corrected within prescribed time limit, street agency (township people’s government) may, in accordance with law, revocation or organization owner congress temporary meeting to vote on the decision.Clear provisions have been made on the changes, term extension, expiration reorganization, transfer and dissolution of the members of the Property management committee to ensure that the property management committee performs its duties in a standardized manner.Source: Krei Material Tube Article source: Krei material tube