The female secretary in liuyang River

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Recently, luo Zhu’s film Liuyang River has been shown in cinemas across the country.The film is adapted from the real event of the withdrawal of aquaculture industry along both sides of Liuyang River in order to comprehensively regulate the tributary waters of liuyang River.In the story, in order to protect the Liuyang River, a town has banned farming within 500 meters of the liuyang River, but after a heavy rain, the river is still polluted.Pan Meixue, the town’s party secretary and head of the river, insisted on reporting and getting support from her superiors to extend the distance by another 500 meters, but local farmers objected.Finally pan Meixue et al. overcome difficulties to achieve the second return of liuyang River breeding.Pan Meixue is the soul of the whole movie.She has the courage to take the lead, the spirit to look up to me, and the integrity to walk in the forefront. She dares to say “follow me” in the face of work, “follow me” in the face of discipline, and “follow me” in the face of crisis.Her body, reflects the leadership of grassroots cadres and political literacy, whether it is to serve the people’s purpose consciousness, or comprehensive coordination of control ability, can be called the model of the township Party secretary and textbook.Pan Meixue has a strong ability to lead a shift and a good working method.She took advantage of having meals in the canteen to exchange ideas with team members, adopting a relaxed and lively approach to unify everyone’s ideas.Liu, the deputy secretary of the group, stood out against her and she did not lose her temper.She leads the deputy alcalde that is in charge of agriculture to develop a job energetically, at the same time run to the city to ask for instructions to report to the secretary of the Municipal Committee, strive for the attention of the leadership, obtain the full support of the secretary.Every time pan meixue went to a farmer’s home to do work, she brought young cadres with her to train them.Pan Meixue has the spirit of scientific decision-making.After the heavy rain, the river is still polluted.Pan Meixue found “folk river chief” CAI Qingjiang to discuss, repeated analysis of water quality testing reports, constantly verified, combined with the requirements of the superior, and finally make the retreat distance to extend 500 meters of the program.This is not an easy plan to implement. Previously, the government had implemented the return policy of banning breeding within 500 meters along the Liuyang River, and the public was opposed to “extending another 500 meters”.Retirement is not not raise!She let pig farmers to participate in fully automated pig farms, adopt the group and farmers to settle the way of returning families, at the same time personally out of the horse, visit the village to catch the two key families, in the process of dismantling the pig farm, is also in accordance with the procedures, step by step, not eager for quick success and immediate benefits, do not hurt the feelings of the masses.At work, Pan Meixue always smiles and greets the masses actively. When the masses push her out of the house, she almost falls down.Lin Yuehua for farmers out of things have an opinion on Pan Meixue, Pan Meixue many times to her house to do work.The first time I came to Lin Yuehua’s house, there was a dog at the door. Pan Meixue squatted down and greeted the dog.Lin Yuehua has been single for many years. She lives with her pet dog day and night. When she sees Pan Meixue’s love for small animals, she naturally shortens the distance.Pan Meixue also takes the initiative to care about Lin Yuehua’s personal life, matching CAI Qingjiang and Lin Yuehua.Pan Meixue encountered many “attacks” from the crowd, but she was very calm and unhurried.During one “siege”, she bypassed the crowd, walked to a tree and took the high ground to deliver her speech.It not only avoids being hurt by the excessive behavior of individual personnel, but also chooses a good position for the speech.”You know what?Just after the heavy rain, the river’s results were alarming.Withdrawing 500 meters is not enough, and the water quality of Liuyang River continues to deteriorate.This is your hometown, is also my hometown, you have the heart to let liuyang River continue to pollute?Can you let this river be destroyed by our generation?”Pan Meixue’s rhetorical questions are thought-provoking, to understand the reason, move, showing her excellent ability to deal with emergencies.In the story, Zhu Ziqiang frequently make petition events, play all kinds of routine, please the network writer to make network public opinion, also abet Lin Yuehua play lost contact missing, caused the passive pan Meixue work, it can be described as step by step.In the face of online public opinions and personal attacks, Pan Meixue took the initiative to face the masses, did detailed explanation work, and resolved the network crisis with heart and emotion.[Editor: Pan Wenxiu][Source: Hunan Daily]