The “New Year’s Dinner” three years ago, the “Reunion” three years later

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South network news (reporter/Huang Qi niobicorrespondent/Shen Gao, Deng Fujuan, Liu Mian, Qin Tian) “son, look, in the package of stuffing on the surface of the pressure two small pit, the black eyes point up, and then hand pressure round, an ice pier pier dumplings done!”On February 15, it was the Lantern Festival. Wu Biqin, assistant director of Lechang Station in the north section of Lechang Expressway, was busy with her son in the tollgate kitchen, preparing to send her husband Li Guoxun a surprise for the Lantern Festival — the ice dumpling shaped by hand.Three years after the surprise exchange, Wu Biqin’s husband, Li Guoxun, is a chef at Zhangshi Station on the southern section of the Yueguang Expressway.They work less than an hour’s drive from each other, but because they stick to their posts, they can’t get together for the Spring Festival.In 2005, wu Biqin, who was laid off from a cement factory, entered the northern section of the Legu-Guangzhou Expressway and became a toll collector. In 2018, she won the “May 1 Labor Medal” of Guangdong Province with her dedicated and rigorous working attitude and superb professional skills.Three years ago on January 25, 2019, on the occasion of their 20th wedding anniversary, li Guo-hoon secretly prepared a homemade “Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner” to surprise his wife ten days in advance, under the arrangement of the company and the witness of the live broadcast of reporters.”He made me a table of my favourite foods and brought me a bouquet of flowers and I was in tears.”Wu biqin still smiles when she remembers that day.In the 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush, Wu Biqin insisted on providing logistics support for the staff of the station, led them to carry out volunteer services on site, and sent warm care to the company.Lee, on the other hand, is busy in the kitchen, preparing hot meals for frontline staff.This year’s Lantern Festival, Wu Biqin wanted to give the surprise and moved she had received to her husband, who was on duty at the Zhangshi station.I plan to make handmade glutinous rice balls with my son.”In order to realize the mother’s wish, son Li Tianle arrived early lechang station.At around 7 am on February 15, Wu Biqin and her son began to knead dough, mix stuffing and cook…Thinking of the recent hot winter Olympics mascot Bing Dwen Dwen, his son inspired a move, proposed to make Bing Dwen Dun shaped dumplings, to see the rolling “Bing Dwen Dwen” on the water, they are full of expectations.”Master Li, someone is looking for you!”In the kitchen of Zhangshi Station, Li guo-hoon was busy preparing dinner for the Lantern Festival for his colleagues. When he heard what his colleagues said, he looked up and saw his wife looking out from afar.Master Li hurried forward and saw his wife and children carefully filling the hot dumplings from the insulated box. His mouth couldn’t help smiling.On the map of Spring Festival travel in Guangdong province, the Yueguang Expressway where Wu Biqin and his wife live is an important road leading from north to south.Since the couple entered the high-speed industry together for eight years, they have stuck to the front line of Spring Festival transportation every year, spending less time with their families and more time away from them.But they love each other and support each other. In 2021, they won the title of “most Beautiful Family” in Guangdong’s transportation system.”Look at these ice blocks, aren’t they lovely?We made it. Eat it while it’s hot!””Is this Bing Dwen Dwen that my son made?What handy hands!”In the company of a long time, the family warm to eat a bowl of sweet dumplings full of happiness.”Mom and dad, your son saluted you!””Dad, mom, you have worked hard.Thank you!”Li Tianle, the son of Li Guoxun and Wu Biqin paid a solemn and standard military salute, which both gratified and moved them.Three years ago, Li tianle was admitted to Beijing University of Chemical Technology. He had an early New Year’s eve dinner with his parents in a video.Because of his excellent performance in college, he was recommended by the school to join the army in 2019 and became a glorious soldier. In the army, he was rated as one of the “Four Outstanding Soldiers”.This year is the first Spring Festival he spent with his parents after returning from military service. He expressed his deep love and gratitude to his parents with his actions.”We can’t spend many holidays together because of the nature of our work, but I understand them.”Li Tianle knows that in the time when he was not able to accompany himself, his parents stick to their posts and wholeheartedly protect the safety of more people.