Super detailed beginner’s basic tutorial is coming!

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Every time write makeup a lot of novice are asking makeup steps or makeup details, simply tidy up the novice makeup must master the little knowledge, please son li li to help draw this group of basic tutorial.However, if you want to learn to wear natural and delicate makeup, it is a prerequisite to buy the right tools and Get the right makeup skills. The most important thing is to practice frequently!Essential cosmetics: Isolation foundation concealer eyebrow pencil eyebrow powder eyeshadow plate eyelash base mascara blush high-gloss contouring lipstick Makeup brush: Auxiliary tools: Facial brush:Loose whitewash blush brush to repair face brush beauty makeup egg high-gloss brush foundation brush eye shadow brush: small and medium-sized eye shadow brush flame head dizzy dye brush eyelash curler detail modification brush: nose shadow brush eyebrow brush concealer brush lip brush eyebrow comb eyelash comb different face type how to draw eyebrows?Standard eyebrows thick flat eyebrows (oval face) (long face) Small eyebrows European eyebrows (diamond face) (round face) crescent eyebrows lance-brows (square face) (heart-shaped face) eye shadow how to draw?Which eyeliner is suitable for different eye shapes?Sagging eyeliner Suitable for rose eye (peach blossom eye, almond eyes) and mei, let the eyes more affinity triangle deepened after type before and after deep middle carry bright type (type is suitable for any eye) (suitable for round eyes, wide eyes) parallel to the line is suitable for most of the eye Gentle natural joker, more everyday Europe and the United States look line Double-fold eyelid to deepen type Deep orbital barb type Suitable for long eye(Suitable for any eye type (suitable for wide double eyelid, high-profile makeup, especially puffy eyes) thin eyelid, deep eye socket)1. Draw the frame above first, determine the position of the eyebrow peak and extend it naturally;2. Draw the bottom line of the eyebrow tail, and the extension line of the previous step;Brow: nose vertical extension line and eyebrow intersection: nose and black eyeball outer edge of the line and eyebrow intersection is eyebrow peak eyebrow tail: nose and eye tail connecting line extension and eyebrow 3.Fill the end of the eyebrow and color forward, the intersection of the end of the eyebrow forward the lighter hand.Thin and light nature and stereo bottom makeup is drawn so: different concealment flaw should be used in different place: lift bright concealment tear groove: gules blain blain imprint and flood red skin: bright creaminess concealment green concealer is drawn all round from the middle, natural show face small concealer black eye and pouch:General general concealer: color of skin concealer, the peach color concealer of partial orange tone, and color concealer harmonize more natural quality of a material to want moist dark yellow spot and dark yellow skin: purple concealer a few times the foundation of whole face size of soybean is just good cheek red how to draw?Natural feminine blush: lovely wind blush: daily blush is suitable for the highest point of all face bone to the highest point of apple muscle line simple and versatile, natural and mature blush with aura:Round cheek is red The cheek is red Suitable for long, oval Suitable for all face Circle on the apple flesh From now to apple dizzy catch Lovely and tender Feet have comic feeling Zygomatic cheek is red Grooming cheek is red For frontal face Suitable for a round face A hangover cheek is red Swept gently in the bone at the bottom of the cavity Colour the side blush triangle Increased from backward face stereo feelingSuitable for long face, rhombus face, the closer to the ear, the deeper the bridge of the nose is connected with the cheek on both sides of the painting W, the closer to the cheek, the lighter the Japanese system, the feeling of slight hangover makes the face more atmospheric.Oval/oval heart-shaped face Draw the shadows between the cheekbones and the mandible. Draw the shadows on both sides from the temple to the cheekbones, with the lower jaw brightening both sides and the lower jaw brighteningIncrease stereoscopic visual narrowing court, make cheeks fuller how to repair the different nose?How to draw perfect lipstick with different lip shape?How to draw nose shadow:The dotted line shows the new adjusted lip shape, thin lip, oval, short nose, flat nose, long nose, highlighted shadow, a highlighted shadow on the cartilage of the nose extended to the shadow of the brow, short range of nose and bridge,Single highlight thin lips thin nose not highlight corners of the mouth drooping small lips crooked nose topmost nose garlic nose shadow highlight in the nose down nose alar depression crooked nose inverse triangle shadow, draw shadow, thick lips M word lips to draw, opposite direction shadow bridge of the nose nose down shadow longer into a few sections of triangle highlight