Seek common development, forge ahead, Ezhou Food safety Industry Association visited member enterprises in the Spring Festival

2022-06-10 0 By

For Thanksgiving ezhou food security industry association member companies over the past 2021 years, support for the work of the association with pay, good planning work in the New Year, listen to the members, for all the work in 2022 good start step, Michael good, on February 8-12, in ezhou, food safety industry association President shu-bin wang, executive director of Luo Ye Pan Longwen and supervisors,Visit Gedian Development Zone, Jibiyou, Huastian Biological, Panasia Food;Liangzihu District Wudu Wine industry, Shengyuan aquatic products;E Cheng District Dongta Food, Dezhuang catering, Bafang decoration, a total of 35 member enterprises.At the same time to the enterprise, to understand the past year’s production and operation of the enterprise, this year’s work plan and a period of development planning in the future, and extend the New Year’s greetings.The market Bureau led a team to visit the member enterprises of Gedian Development Zone. According to the information introduced by the enterprises, although they did not completely get rid of the shadow of the epidemic last year, they all responded positively and invested in the development of new projects and products to promote the transformation and upgrading.New ways, scientific decision-making, efforts to generate income;Strengthen management, strengthen marketing, enhance the status of the industry;Still achieved good business performance.Visit, ezhou, food safety industry association executive director Pan Longwen briefing carried out in 2021 by the association of each work and accomplishments, he says, through the results obtained, with the usual support member enterprises, with the secretariat efforts to all the comrades, on New Year working train of thought,Pan pointed out that first, we should give full play to the advantages of the association’s platform and the resource advantages of the expert team, and carry out the training and certification of food safety managers, health managers and public nutritionists in food safety training schools, so as to make good, active and effective use of such resources.The second is to continue to unite the strength of the association member enterprises, open a catering entity “Chufengmendi” hotel branch, through the development of member enterprises group, enhance the cohesion of the association.Third, better communication and exchanges with enterprises, actively respond to the government’s policies on smes support, do a good job for enterprises.In the group visit, the enterprises gave affirmation to the work of the association in the past year, and combined with the development status of the food industry in the new era and new situation, put forward many insights on how to carry out the work of the association. The association listened to the suggestions of the enterprise for the development of the association in the future, President Wang Shubin said:Visit companies, understand enterprise, to better serve enterprises and association of hope in the coming year, to be surrounded by love, can be loving to work, solidarity members, unity, unity, good experts good personnel, under the strong leadership of the party, for the government, as a member, for industry, for the social service work earnestly, close together,A new movement in the development of the Food Safety Association.The tide is flat and the shore is wide and the wind is blowing.Around 2022, the municipal food safety industry association development overall situation, find the combining site of society to work with industry development, to strengthen its soft power, promote members cohesion, expand the association’s influence, providing better services for the enterprise development and business growth, to promote the city’s economic and social development to make high quality across new greater contributions.Open up a new journey, open up new horizons, positive enterprising, brave to take responsibility, seize the day, live up to the time, for the city’s food industry to become bigger and stronger and make new contributions!