Paste Spring Festival couplets show calligraphy astronauts in space celebrate the Spring Festival

2022-06-10 0 By

Today is New Year’s Eve, and the Chinese space station, 400 kilometers above the Earth, has been home to three and a half months in orbit.This year’s Spring Festival is the first time for Chinese astronauts to celebrate the Lunar New Year in space. When the astronauts of Shenzhou 13 set out, they brought a lot of New Year goods in their luggage.Dumplings, for example, are prepared with three fillings: pork cabbage, Spanish mackerel and day lily.The astronauts also revealed that they would watch the Spring Festival Gala with everyone on New Year’s Eve and send blessings from space to the motherland.A total of heaven and earth to welcome the New Year, the reporter took the astronauts in advance of the “busy year” scenario, let’s have a look!Tiangong space station has been decorated a new few days, through the lens, we see that the astronaut Zhai Zhigang is Posting the word “fu” on the cabin wall, the astronaut Wang Yaping will hang a picture on the cabin top, the astronaut Ye Guangfu while holding the couplet, while adjusting the placement of the word “fu”, we are very busy.Decorated with Chinese knots with the character “fu” (福), decorations in the shape of “spring” and Spring Festival couplets, various Elements of the Spring Festival adorn the space station.Due to the unique microgravity environment in space, we can see the red tassel of Chinese knot floating freely in the air.China’s space station, full of modern technology, perfectly blends with traditional Chinese festival customs.After the arrangement of the space station, astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Ye Guangfu and Wang Yaping have shown their unique skills, calligraphy, writing and inspiring words. I wonder what kind of unique experience it is to splash ink in the microgravity environment of space?Through the lens, we see that the astronaut Zhai Zhigang wrote a seven-word quatrains “Fengqiao Moorang night” : the moon falls wu Ti frost all over the sky, Jiangfeng yuhuo to sorrow sleep.Hanshan Temple outside Gusu, midnight bell to the passenger ship.This poem may just express the astronauts at this moment of homesickness.Astronaut Ye Guangfu wrote the “seven laws · the Long March”, the Red Army is not afraid of the expedition difficult, long march only……These heroic poem, it is the vivid portrayal of astronauts not afraid of dangers, overcome difficulties, brave climb peaks.What did the astronaut Wang Yaping write?After the camera zoomed in, we saw that she wrote “flower bag”, is she preparing the New Year’s Eve dinner menu?Here, we wish the three astronauts a happy New Year in space!(CCTV reporter Wang Gang and Sun Wei) (Source: CCTV News client)