Interview in Zigong City, Sichuan Province, Feb 12, 2022

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In 2021, the leadership stressed that “the journey is long, but struggle.We through the struggle, through the thorns, through the long march.We have to continue to struggle, go forward, create more brilliant brilliant.”In 2022, the leadership pointed out that “if you stay true to your original aspiration, you will always be successful.Only by riring and working hard can we live up to history, The Times and the people.Please share your understanding?The second topic is to further promote traditional culture, Zigong Chinese lantern world held lantern culture festival, the leadership arrange you to be responsible for organizing the unit staff to visit the lantern, how will you organize?Preparing 1, that 2, 3, on-the-spot visit 4, ensure safety 5, summarize the third topic you and your colleagues work together to complete a task, your work is done well, got the affirmation of the leadership, but only when you work in a report to report their grades, no report of colleagues, the colleagues have feelings, how do you deal with?1, show the point of view 2, sincere apology 3, express gratitude 4, active report 5, unity and cooperation to the small white white dear little white, thank you for your attention and love, the above information is reference, I hope you can combine their actual thinking.You can ask me if you don’t understand.Some small in vain take an examination of the direction is wrong, blindly see local already take an examination of the topic, actually also do not understand the meaning of the topic.We should study systematically, look at new topics in other places, and summarize the rules.Some small white is the thought of the giant, the action of the dwarf, the king of anxiety, just ask how to do?I didn’t think about what to do.Learning is not overnight, there is no panacea, tomorrow will take an exam, today ask me what way?All I can say is relax, look at the questions, take your chances.Finally, I hope that the preparation of the small white to find the correct direction, there is an examination of the small white into action.Come on.-END-