Ice hockey junior 9: Shen Zhouzhou and Chen Che estrangement

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Shen Zhouzhou decided to quit the United Nations Hockey team, simple please Shen Zhouzhou tea, now she already know the situation of Shen Zhouzhou, let Shen Zhouzhou think about it.Shen left with the contact information of a Chinese coach he met in the United States.Xu introduced his classmates to work-study program, cold jing saw the restaurant waiters are wearing skirts, heart directly beat back, the manager immediately pulled him into the restaurant, directly will su La style skirt passed him, cold Jing stiff head began to end the plate.There were a lot of college students in the restaurant, and the girls dragged him like a nympho to take a picture.Ice hockey team small partner anxious where can find a new training field, suddenly they received a cold jing phone, cold jing has found a real ice rink, let them experience the feeling of charge.The ice rink athletes one by one stride, excellent venue really let them feel very cool, leng Jing for small partners to find the venue, finally exhaled once, speak to the waist stand old straight.Bing Bing came to the restaurant to eat, see wearing a dress of cold jing, in a good mood, ha ha can finally play a prank on the cold jing right here.Cold side in front of the boss hospitality service Bing Bing, while in the heart hate teeth itching, bing Bing full of wine and food, cold out to let her be sure to keep his secret, bing Bing let him pay, as hush money.Shen Zhouzhou for Chen Che last said his words sad, he went to the motorcycle race in the evening, this was not successful, competitive partners remind him to enjoy the race, winning or losing is not important.Lengjing has been rent rink for everyone, Chen Che feel that this is not the way to go for a long time, then find a vacant lot near the community to invite you to do tactical practice, some small partners too simple conditions do not go to practice.Soon leng Jing wearing a dress to do waiter photos were associates saw, leng Jing feel too lose face, everyone tried to suppress a smile let him not too fight.Easy to know that everyone is looking for sports venues recently, they proposed that we go to the north training camp, everyone heard the good news cheering.Cold saw Bing Bing in the school, he felt he was wearing a dress when the usher photos are her spread, angry hair a fire, Bing Bing was also very angry, she did not do the villain, the cold is too look down on people.After a while, Leng Jing knew he was wrong immediately apologize to Bing Bing.That night, the entire hockey team players went to Peter west restaurant in Scotland as a waiter, they specially put on ice hockey shoes, in the restaurant carrying plates freely wear to wear, no obstacles, become a beautiful beautiful scenery, many customers feel super daunt.Bingbing opened the livestream directly, and many fans gathered to watch.Shen Zhou boat’s father go to another school coaches help Shen Zhou boat training, on the dining table, extremely use up ingratiate themselves with the coach, the father of Shen Zhou boat, a meal Shen Zhou boat still absent-minded, unidentified truth ice ice thought brother really like said…… outside, let elder brother don’t think continue to return home again, Shen Zhou boat didn’t mind argue with her.Simple to coach Chen called, Coach Chen came to a short two minutes to see everyone’s shortcomings, he said they do not understand practice, perhaps even a senior coach did not, Chen Che did not allow others to say so Coach Hu, the atmosphere immediately froze, Coach Chen went directly.Tech and the general assembly for final began, the Shen Zhou boat represents the polytechnic, the former two friends now represent the opposite party, Chen Che don’t understand why his brother became the opposition party, the game Shen Zhou boat no adversary, exquisite ball goal one by one, the game directly to a six – zero over, tech successful promotion.After the game, Shen Zhouzhou’s teammates think he does not understand with shen Zhouzhou, someone openly find shen Zhouzhou trouble, Chen Che can not see the past, directly stand up for Shen Zhouzhou rescue, Shen Zhouzhou did not respond to him, head did not go back, leaving Chen Che a man was beaten.