Group of images | Baoding Central China Town: Auspicious snow and spring

2022-06-10 0 By

Hebei News (Zhang Weijun) The first auspicious snow in the year of the Tiger, falling from the sky, brings baoding central China town pure and romantic joy, dyed white valley, boiling mountain residence, more reduction of the national style of the town accumulated charm.The snowflakes and the buildings glow with each other, and the thousands of leaves are covered with snow and ice crystals, overlapping the true beauty of nature.The town is close to the laiyuan National ski jumping training and scientific research base, in the ski resort on the doorstep, embrace nature, enjoy sports, wanton flying good mood, at the moment.Ice and snow town, with infinite beauty, together to meet the spring flowers everywhere.Central China town after snow.Wang Zhanshan takes a picture of the ancient architecture with snow and cypress.Change into a red dress while the snow is thick.Hot spring in snow in central China town.Li Jiaqian takes photos of lights in a mountain house.Dancing with ice and snow by Wang Zhanzhong.When snow fell on the trees, the branches were covered with flowers.Rural snow country.The Ming Great Wall in the snow.Bai Shi Lao Meng pays attention to Hebei news network to understand the latest news in Hebei.