Frontline visit | Journalists visit the project construction site of Zhuhai: Tightening the “safety valve” of epidemic prevention and control

2022-06-10 0 By

To pursue projects is to pursue development, and to pursue projects is to seek the future.In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, the construction sites of major projects in The city have been focusing on prevention and control while promoting construction to ensure that both epidemic prevention and economic development are balanced.March 24, the reporter in the Dongying Port economic development Zone, a number of projects to see the construction site, the construction machine is full of horsepower, workers everywhere energetic figure.”Please show your health code, travel code, negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours, and take your temperature before entering the construction site.”On the night of March 24, at the construction site of Blue Bay New materials project in Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, Master Wang, who was responsible for transporting construction materials, took the initiative to scan codes, measure temperatures, register and enter the site according to the epidemic prevention requirements.Dongyinggang Economic Development Zone has checked the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work in construction sites under its jurisdiction, tightening the safety valve of epidemic prevention and control at construction sites.”How many workers are there on your site?””Where do the workers come from?””What are the prevention and control measures on the site?”Every time they arrived at a construction site, the staff of the special class of housing and construction asked the on-site personnel, carefully read the registration materials at the gate of the site, looked up the trip code, and measured the degree of epidemic prevention and control management at the site.In addition, it also focused on checking emergency plans, daily temperature measurement registration books and hardware facilities, and publicized epidemic prevention measures such as wearing masks, strengthening ventilation and regular disinfection to the site staff.At the same time, the site managers are also required to increase publicity, put up posters for epidemic prevention, improve workers’ awareness of prevention, actively cooperate with epidemic prevention, immediately report any problems to the epidemic prevention and control headquarters, and take emergency measures.”In addition to normal inspections during the day, during the weak hours at night, we arranged two inspection teams to participate in the epidemic prevention work at the site, supervised the drivers and operators of material transport vehicles to wear masks, and required the construction vehicles and cab to be disinfected before leaving the vehicle.”Li Chunlan, deputy director of the special class of the development zone, said.The person in charge of the construction site said that all epidemic prevention and control measures should be strictly implemented to ensure that all people in and out of the building wear masks, take their temperatures and register information.Timely disinfection of construction vehicles cab, toilet and other points;Collect and register the information of reworking personnel.”Construction sites are special, and people are crowded and mobile, so it is a great responsibility to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.”Development zone living building, specially teacher in charge ShangXingRen said the next step of construction site epidemic prevention and control is the focus of the work, the first site closed-end management, of all the workers to carry out the nucleic acid detection, arrange the specialist to sweep in and out of the employees, temperature measurement to register, check the health code, code, a daily on-site disinfect, stable cross daily epidemic prevention and control knowledge,We will improve the initiative and awareness of workers in ongoing projects in epidemic prevention and control, and ensure that both production and epidemic prevention are balanced.(Reporter Zhang Zhen)