For children and adolescents, daily health protection should be carried out in these points.

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Follow us!Keep a scientific schedule of work and rest, ensure adequate sleep, combine work and rest, reduce sedentary time, and take moderate exercise.Pay attention to personal hygiene, timely hand hygiene, avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose with uncleaned hands, cover your mouth and nose with tissue or cover your elbow and arm when sneezing or coughing.Use daily articles alone.Children and adolescents who are eligible for vaccination should be vaccinated, and personal protection should be taken after vaccination.Avoid going to crowded and poorly ventilated places as much as possible, and avoid gathering activities such as parties and dinners.Masks should be worn in closed places, crowded places and when taking public transport.Replace masks when they become wet or dirty.Conduct daily self-health monitoring, measure and record body temperature and observe for other suspicious symptoms. When fever, cough and other suspicious symptoms occur, report in time according to relevant regulations.Pay attention to eye hygiene and prevent and control myopia.Do a good job of children and teenagers daily health protection, we together!Guidelines for The Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Key Places, Key Units and Key Populations (August 2021 edition)