Can The Great Qin Empire defeat Alexander’s Expeditionary Force?Foreign scholar: The two sides are not in the same league

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As the first truly unified dynasty in China, The Great Qin Empire was once the strongest country in the world in its heyday, and its military strength and financial resources were unmatched by other small countries around it. However, at the same time that The Great Qin Empire unified the Central Plains, there also existed another giant country in the world.It was sweeping across Europe, taking over the shores of the Mediterranean, and even expanding its own territory into The depths of Egypt in Africa, the empire of Alexander.One wonders what would happen if two of the world’s best civilizations were to collide and compete militarily.In fact, according to legend, Alexander the Great in Western Europe really moved to send an army to great Qin, after all, the clutched hands of the whole Of Europe, it is impossible not to be interested in the mysterious rich land of the east.How strong was Daqin’s army?The fact that qin can now defeat the other six states sweeping the land of China, especially the state of Chu, whose military strength was at its peak and everyone was belligerent at that time, shows that qin’s military strength had reached a certain level long before the unification. Then, what is the military strength of Qin?Based on the study of the terra-cotta warriors, historians have estimated that qin soldiers were generally large and strong because of the military service system of the Qin dynasty, which was a good way to select strong laborers for fighting.Strong agricultural resources could also ensure the stability of the army, which was relatively well supplemented, because in the Qin Dynasty, when soldiers were not fighting or training, they had to act as farmers to grow food for their troops.Therefore, the Qin army was completely self-sufficient in logistics and supplies.The research on the weapons of the terracotta Warriors has also provided historians with new gains. After the Qin dynasty unified the Central Plains, resources were no longer as scarce as before.They had so much iron and copper that they were able to make weapons for soldiers, especially bronze weapons, to the extent that every man had one.Shield, which is almost invincible in the era of cold weapons, can also be distributed to all basic troops.Bolts, crossbows and other ultra-large-scale weapons were also massively equipped among the Qin soldiers, and arrows and other weapons were supplied as many as there were. It can be said that the Qin soldiers had quite abundant “weapons and equipment”.As a means of defense, Qin is not stingy with armor, soldiers each wear a protective gear.Although armor varies widely and is not invincible, it provides basic protection.The soldiers and soldiers were lavishly dressed, and the massive body armor that allowed one man to block several men’s blows.Speaking of light weapons warfare, let’s take a look at qin’s harness. As an agricultural and military power, Qin tamed horses very early on and let them fight for themselves, and then invented a very efficient chariot system.After the unification of the six states, qin developed its chariots into a very powerful fighting tool by combining with the skillful craftsmen of other states.It can be said that with these equipment, qin’s army can defeat some neighboring states, not only in the modern society, but also in the modern society.Alexander the Great’s armies were invincible, but they had one Achilles’ heel and we can see that the military power of the Great Qin empire, at that time, was virtually invincible across the continent.What about the army of Alexander the Great, qin’s rival?As a hegemon of Europe, Alexander the Great’s hands, can also be said to be countless elite soldiers, a large number of famous generals.The first was the quality of the soldiers. Although the soldiers under Alexander’s command were the most powerful military force in Europe, they were not professional soldiers, but an army formed according to the king’s requirements. When they were not fighting in peacetime, these soldiers were ordinary people living their ordinary lives.When the king called them together, these peasants and soldiers would take up arms and accompany the king everywhere.This ensured food production and gave the army the strength to fight everywhere.Unlike the Great Qin Empire, however, the quality of Alexander’s soldiers varied because of incomplete military service.Some soldiers can receive military training, so they are very brave on the battlefield, and are heroes of a hundred, while some soldiers do not have that qualification, so they are very weak in battle, throw down their helmets on the battlefield, scattered and fled.Another difference from Daqin lies in the use of weapons. The military weapons of Daqin empire were paid for by the state and distributed to the soldiers, so that they had a unified system and were easy to manage, while the soldiers under Alexander the Great had to purchase their own equipment.As a result, some soldiers have enough money to buy a lot of armor and knives, while others can only use inferior swords, which is the fatal weakness of the cold weapon army.Fortunately, Alexander the Great was a good battle commander.By feeding his army with war, he was able to extract wealth and loot from the fighting, and he was able to equip his soldiers, gradually, with the capital and the ability to run wild in Europe and West Asia.At one point, Alexander’s army had reached India. If they had continued their march east, they would have reached our country beyond the Himalayas.So, if Alexander’s army met our ancient army, who would win?According to the situation at that time, Alexander would meet Lord Yiqu in the first battle of his eastward expedition. Although Lord Yiqu was not as powerful as The Great Qin Empire, he was not easy to provoke.The super-mobile steppe cavalry would make Alexander’s policy ineffective and would be consumed by it.If they had defeated the Yiqu army and arrived in the Central Plains of the Great Qin Empire, they would have been met with a massacre.According to the time, qin had succeeded in reforming its political system. Both the quality of its troops and iron smelting technology were improved to a higher level.What’s more, at that time, qin dynasty iron smelting technology is very high, better than European bronzes, lethality is also more powerful.After the Spring and Autumn Period, the Central Plains dynasty began to develop the cavalry, which was a killer mace at that time. The ordinary square array could not withstand the impact of thousands of troops and horses.At that time, Alexander’s policy was just a rigid Macedonian phalanx, which was too weak against the military might of the Great Qin Empire.As a result, many foreign experts say the Alexander Expeditionary Force was not in the same league as the Great Qin Empire.In addition, if the two sides fall into a see-saw war, the situation will be completely controlled by the soldiers of Daqin.First, because of the superiority of local warfare, The Great Qin empire could supply its army continuously, while Alexander the Great had to do everything to maintain his supply lines.More importantly, Alexander’s army, even a regular one, was not of the same magnitude in numbers as the army of Great Qin.Europe was sparsely populated and had few strong men. If Alexander’s army were killed in battle, it would be very difficult to replenish it later, especially if it could fight a hundred men.Because of selective military service, Daqin was able to send soldiers to the battlefield in a steady stream and completely defeated Alexander’s expedition in attrition.Therefore, even if Alexander the Great’s army was strong in Europe, it could not be defeated in the face of a population and equipment that was obviously not of the same magnitude.Alexander also wisely decided to preserve his strength in Europe, not to touch the sleeping lion in the East, to fight India and return home, finally allowing his name to survive.What do you think about that?