Yao Ming a decision in favor of the Guangdong team, Yang Ming’s idea again failed, Du Feng was very happy

2022-06-09 0 By

Yao Ming has made another big change. The CBA game will be held in front of the home of the Guangdong Hongyuan team, while Yang Ming, the coach of Liaoning team, was fooled by Yao.Yao Ming’s arrangement, in the end is not reasonable?Will it help guangdong to come back and win the CBA championship four in a row?In the game of CBA, – Mr. Manager, in recent period of time before he said in social media, hope that the next phase of the CBA third game, as well as the all-star game in the playoffs, the door that is held in shenyang, liaoning province to liaoning, but now yao Ming with CBA aspects to the blockbuster decision, is to let Mr. Coach again is like sport,The next game was not in Shenyang, liaoning’s liaoning province.In recent period of time including the foshan, including the CBA, unveiled a game time and place, clear the playoffs will be held in foshan shunde to, and that an arrangement with a temporary decision, is to let liaoning also let other most of the CBA team, feel very surprise, after all this the arrangement of the game,It will be a big boost for Guangdong to defend the championship again and win the fourth consecutive championship.That in which we learn, in the march of time will be the third phase of the CBA competition, and in March 25 to 27, will undergo the all-star weekend game, and in the middle of April, will be to hold our CBA in the playoffs this season, which is ultimately a championship finals.When it comes to the next match arrangement, the competition area will be held in Foshan, Guangdong. Guangdong Hongyuan team is in Dongguan, Guangdong, just next to it. Frankly speaking, this is obviously at the door of Guangdong Team.The next guangdong as a whole, including the lidle, including weems two contestants is also a big rise, so had lidle had weems, and horse is close to a period of time, Brooks his recovery is also relatively smoothly, so Du Feng will have three foreign aid team, obviously, for the next game to get a championship game,And this advantage is also occupied.Right place, right time and the three major advantages guangdong are fully equipped, and behind it, when it comes to the division of the arrangement, must want to thank a person, that is the major persons-in-charge of the CBA yao, yao Ming for the arrangement of this division, originally is two division can choose, choose the first division, is held in liaoning shenyang to, and the choice of the second division,It was held in Foshan, Guangdong province, according to the current results, Yao Ming is still more inclined to this side of the Guangdong team, the head coach du Feng of the Guangdong team, so the Guangdong team has received yao Ming’s strong support with affirmation.