Type A blood inventory is running out!Taiyuan caring citizens come to donate blood

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Donating blood helps others and benefits yourself.On January 30, taiyuan blood Center released the news, the city’s blood inventory is tight, the urgent need for various types of blood, among which type A blood is below the warning line, there is A partial type.In order to ensure the normal clinical use of blood, taiyuan blood Center appeals to the masses of caring citizens and organizations to actively participate in voluntary blood donation and relieve the tension of clinical blood use in the provincial capital.According to reports, the daily clinical blood consumption in Taiyuan is about 600 units, which means about 300 donors are needed every day to meet the demand for clinical blood.Due to the recent cold weather, students and group units holidays, the number of people participating in voluntary blood donation is small. As of January 30, the blood inventory in Taiyuan is 652 units of type A blood, 1489 units of type B blood, 1082 units of Type O blood and 373 units of type AB blood, among which the stock of type A blood bank is below the warning line of 960 units.Every year during the Spring Festival, blood donation is a low point, but the clinical blood consumption does not decrease.In order to meet the needs of patients during the Spring Festival and ensure adequate blood supply in the blood bank of the blood center, Taiyuan Blood Center appeals to the masses of caring citizens and organizations to actively participate in voluntary blood donation, offering love and saving lives.During the festival, all blood donation houses in Taiyuan were open.From Jan 31 (New Year’s Eve) to Feb 15 (the 15th day of the first lunar month), blood donors will receive double souvenirs.Taiyuan city 1 blood donation site, collect blood donation house: knick-knacks ning street beauty southeast 2, the nangongshan house: blood donation yingze street north big south gate house next to the bus station 3, wanda blood donation: jiefang road wanda plaza southeast corner, feng, blood donation house: feng south road and the yingze southeast west street intersection, meiyuan blood donation house: sports dongmen south road coal hospital 6, Hao Zhuang blood donation house:Corner 7 with chaoyang street to people square, changfeng street house: blood donation and southwest build way crossing 8, changfeng street blood donation house: taigang dongmen south 9, liuzhou, new street, taiyuan general hospital blood donation house: the liberation of north road and northeast 10 jianhe river road intersection, meiyuan parkson blood donation house: northeast north street, good affinity and changzhi road crossing, xinghua blood donation house:East of the intersection of Qianfeng North Road and Xinghua Street, in front of Boutique Clothing MallShanxi Blood Center: no. 185, Yingze West Street, Taiyuan Other blood donation points and opening hours: Gujiao Blood Donation House: Gujiao Dachuan East Road, Open every Monday, Thursday, Saturday qingxu Blood Donation House:Qingxu Xugou Blood Donation House: in front of the Second People’s Hospital of Qingxu County; on the south side of Yangqu County Square Bus station; Loufan Blood Donation House: on the 1st, 10th and 20th of each month:Loufan Theater next to every month 10, 20 open (Shanxi Daily new media reporter Li Qianqian) from | Shanxi Daily client source: Shanxi News Network