The Special democratic supervision work of Fangshan District of Beijing Municipal Committee of The People’s Republic of China will be held

2022-06-09 0 By

On the afternoon of March 28th, the special democratic supervision work of Fangshan district was held in Fangshan district.The meeting introduced the special democratic supervision work plan of Beijing Municipal Party Committee of China Democratic Progress In 2022, the work situation of fangshan District in 2021 and the main work arrangement of Fangshan District in 2022 to implement the South Of the city plan, and connected the special democratic supervision related research topics.In the next step, Fangshan District will fully cooperate with Beijing Municipal Party Committee to carry out democratic supervision, clarify tasks and responsibilities, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and ensure the smooth completion of the annual special democratic supervision work.At the same time, we will further improve the system of informed government and communication, form joint work forces, jointly do a good job of special democratic supervision, and boost the implementation of the South Action plan in Fangshan District.