Sun Yizhen is about to get married and a new drama is coming out. Douban has a score of 6. Why is it worse than the domestic original

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Sun Yizhen a while ago and xuan Bin two official announcement of marriage news;Let a lot of netizens very blessing;Because the two people you expect to be together end up getting married;This is a very fortunate thing to say;Except for the news of their marriage;Many netizens are still looking forward to some of Sun’s new works;And now she does have a new one;That’s the show thirty-nine.On the 16th;Sohn Ye-jin made her first public appearance since announcing her marriage;And to attend the launch of her new work, thirty-nine;We can say that this one is also very much anticipated;And this is after the launch;It’s officially on the air;But it seems that “Thirty-nine” has not succeeded in being recognized by everyone this time;Word of mouth has some flapping street;So what’s going on here?Let’s take a look at some news about “thirty-nine” with Le Feng.1. Thirty-nine, a Korean DRAMA;In fact, it is adapted from an excellent domestic TV series “Thirty only”;There’s actually a little bit of enthusiasm for this;After all, it was only thirty when it first aired;It has been loved by many domestic audiences.The remake of the Korean version;Nature is also getting some heat;But this time the thirty-nine;Just like its name;It’s actually about forty.On the plot;It mainly depicts three friends who are about to enter their forties.In friendship and love;Constantly facing their own life;Begin to realize the romance of humanity;The three friends were sophomores in high school;Because of a chance opportunity one day;So they met together;And began to become friends of the same age;And these three are from high school;Suddenly hand in hand to the middle age of 39 years old.During this period;3 people are experiencing ordinary but stormy and turbulent daily;In the first unforeseen moment;The three forged a deep friendship;And on one day;And once praised the unpredictable;In one day at the age of thirty-nine;The three began to live with more passion than ever;And enjoying this beautiful and moving thirty-nine;I wrote my own story.It can be said that the overall plot;It’s not that different from the premise of only Thirty;It’s three women who are going to be 30;By just another ten years;The overall framework is still the same as in those days;The location is also in Korea;And this time in the Thirty-Nine;In fact, there are many Korean artists that we are very familiar with;Let’s continue to look at it with Le Feng.2. The actress in Thirty-Nine was one of the first actresses;Sohn Ye-jin, the popular actress;When she made her debut in 2000;For more than 20 years, he has been playing various excellent Korean dramas.For example, “Drunk painting Fairy”, “If Love has providence” and so on;He was also a very popular actor;And Sun Yizhen is now 40 years old;It really fits the theme of thirty-nine.One of sohn’s co-stars;Mito Tian, also 40, is a South Korean actress;Although after 13 years of marriage;Tian Meidu gradually withdrew from the film circle;But after coming back in recent years;Tian Mei is also a “witty doctor life” this do;Though only a supporting role;But also received some attention from everyone;And this time the thirty-nine;Tian Is the first time after the return of the leading role of the time;I hope she can deliver an acting performance that everyone expects.South Korean singer Kim Ji-hyun was no. 3.She’s not very well known;There are not many representative works;In the first few years, I just kept appearing in some variety shows;It’s not very well known;But at least her image is excellent;And in terms of age;Kim Ji-hyun is the same as Sohn Ye-jin and Jeon Mi;Women in their forties;In the selection of actors;The ages of the three main actors are very much in line with the overall casting.Except for the three female characters;The actors in it;One of them is Yeon Woo-jin, a wonderful actor;He was officially known for Ordinary Love;She won the KBS Acting Award for Outstanding Performance.In recent years, there are “Priesthood”, “Nowhere to find” and other excellent works;In the popularity of the actors;Yan Yu-zhen is also very good;And he’s one of our favorite actors.Another is Li Maosheng, the actor;He was best known for my Beautiful Bride and Husband and Wife.Most of the time, Li maosheng plays supporting roles;So it doesn’t get a lot of attention;As a millennium supporting role in many famous Korean dramas;Li Maosheng may be in the eyes of many domestic audiences;There are some impressions;I just don’t know him very well;After all, the main focus is on the stars.The last hero is Lee Tae-hwan;He was in Pride and Prejudice;And participated in the domestic drama “Wish Jackie Chan” shooting;Lee’s resources have been dwindling in recent years;But at least he was a Korean entertainer before;These actors are almost uniformly in their late 20s or early 30s;Except that Lee tae-hwan is not yet 30;The rest of the cast is at least age-appropriate.And these actors are worth looking forward to;Plus the domestic “thirty only” heat;Also is to let this “thirty-nine” after broadcast now;It has become a Korean drama that attracts everyone’s attention.Then why there are excellent actors such as Sohn Ye-jin;Subject matter can also be accepted by everyone;The final result is very poor?The following and Le Feng continue to look at the “thirty-nine” some of the comments.3. Why is Thirty-Nine so popular?In fact, the reason for this;It may have something to do with the setting of Korean dramas themselves;Although said to adapt “thirty only”;But the framework of the story hasn’t changed much;Overall, aside from the fact that the character’s age has increased by ten years;The rest is pretty much a familiar plot;At this point;For domestic audiences, it’s only thirty.Naturally, “Thirty-Nine” didn’t get a very good reputation.But there is another big problem with Korean dramas;That is, no matter how old the actress is set;The IQ shown in the show is 19 years old;This is very common in the urban genre;And this time “thirty-nine” is no exception;The setting of three female protagonists;Basically, they are all set by idol dramas;For women in their forties;What kind of mental change will occur;There’s not a lot of depth.Some just let them continue around the love and affection before;Presents the picture of sweet little women;So in the end the thirty-Nine was for domestic audiences;From the plot above is true to be unable to let everyone resonate;And in the performance of the actors;Sun Yizhen this time is also a lot of pull crotch;Sun Yizhen’s original immortal appearance level;In the past also had a very good acting;But this time it doesn’t show the inner emotions of the characters.It seems that friendship is in this play;Is constantly eating and drinking with friends;And the so-called kindness;Is to go to orphanages to do charity;More distorted;Is the misunderstanding of female thoughtfulness;To be portrayed as a man who fully understands two dates;You can say this kind of character setting;Even Sun Yizhen couldn’t hold it up;So the tension of the plot and the inability of the actors to support the whole character;And it took a lot of credit for “Thirty-Nine.”In the word of mouth evaluation of thirty-nine;Le Feng also found a very interesting phenomenon;It was the Thirty-Nine;It also showed a zigzag rating rarely seen today;The rating is very similar to that of douro Land;One can say the reason for this;Or we gave a lot of emotional points for Sun Yizhen, the actor;If Sohn is changed to another actor;Maybe there’s not even a point in the relationship.And this time “thirty-nine” is also in the street;After all, the remake works no matter which country;Can not escape the law of the street;After all, the remake must be a classic;Pearl jade is still very difficult to surpass before;We can only hope that the remake will be able to do its own thing.4. Ending Now After Son Ye-jin gets married;And a new series;It’s got a bad rap;But it also fulfilled everyone’s expectations;And in the days that followed;Sun Yizhen may begin to live sweet marital life with Xuan Bin two people;A period of time after;There would be no new works;Hope Sun Yizhen and Xuan Bin two people happiness all the time go down;I certainly hope to see her new work next time;It’s not going to be as discredited as thirty-nine.Well, today’s introduction of Sun Yizhen’s new work “Thirty-nine” has ended here;If you have any views or opinions;Welcome to leave a comment below;Finally, don’t forget to watch a Happy movie.