“Provincial Rural Development Bureau” shaanxi anti-poverty dynamic monitoring to achieve the full coverage of normal screening

2022-06-09 0 By

Recently, reporters learned from the provincial rural revitalization Directors’ meeting that in 2021, our province will adhere to the prevention of poverty back to dynamic monitoring and help as the key to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation. Last year, the province identified a total of 291,000 “grid members” at the three levels of town, village and group, and realized the full coverage of more than 7 million households.At present, a total of 175,600 people have been included in the “three categories” of people in the province, including “unstable poverty alleviation households, marginalized households prone to poverty, and sudden and severe hardship households”. All of them have implemented targeted assistance measures, effectively reducing the risk of returning to poverty and becoming poor.Since last year, in order to further consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, the province has established the “2531” dynamic monitoring and assistance mechanism for preventing poverty return, which includes the implementation of “grid” risk mapping and elimination, “information” monitoring and early warning and “two-management”, and the “five principles” of full-process supervision, inventory delivery, precise assistance, regular notification and performance assessment.Early detection, early intervention, and early help will be implemented, and “one bottom line” will be firmly upheld to prevent large-scale poverty from falling back into poverty.Implement “grid” management.The province has established a three-level grid system covering towns, villages and groups to push the pass forward and force down. Last year, the province identified 291,000 grass-roots “grid members” and carried out regular investigations on more than 7 million farmers.We will strengthen information-based monitoring.The province has developed a monitoring and early warning platform for preventing people from returning to poverty, which implements “one-button declaration” and “one code for each household”, implementing “information-based” management for the province’s poverty-stricken population and “three types of people”, improving the timeliness of monitoring and early warning, and achieving comprehensive, accurate, efficient and effective monitoring and assistance.The implementation of “double inventory” delivery.The province has established an “information comparison” database. According to the screening and early warning duty lists of industry departments, the early warning standards such as medical reimbursement expenses, traffic accident compensation, and family labor force changes are determined, and the data are screened, compared and comprehensively evaluated in the first time.To establish the “problem rectification” database, the province will be all levels of feedback problems into the “problem rectification” database, the implementation of inventory management, timely delivery supervision, to achieve the bottom of the “zero”.Last year, more than 430,000 pieces of risk information were fed back to 30 industry sectors, which should be fully accepted and supported.”Double random” spot checks and inspections will be carried out.Each week, one village in each county will be randomly selected for inspection through the monitoring and early warning platform for preventing poverty return.The provincial level regularly organizes inspections in a sample village of a county randomly selected from each city, dissecting “sparrows” to comprehensively grasp the progress of work and comprehensively examine the effectiveness of dynamic monitoring and assistance work in preventing poverty return.Through the random selection of verification objects, all counties in the province are covered.The implementation of “double continuous” notice of supervision and assessment.The province has set up a provincial, city and county three levels of dynamic monitoring and assistance for poverty prevention, implementing the working mechanism of “weekly statistics, monthly notification, quarterly scheduling, half-year summary and annual summary”.Those who have been praised or criticized for two consecutive months will be given extra points or deducted points in the usual assessment.Those who have been praised or criticized for two consecutive quarters will be reflected in the year-end assessment results.(Reporter: Cheng Wei)