Henan Xizhou Education Group held the 2022 new semester work conference

2022-06-09 0 By

Image network news (elephant news reporter Wu Yanfei correspondent Jin Justice Zhou Yuan) diligent spring early seize the day, start sprint to open a new bureau.In order to further clarify the development ideas, promote the implementation of various work tasks in 2022, and ensure the smooth operation of the new semester, Henan Xizhou Education Group held a meeting of all the team members of the new semester in the meeting room on the third floor of Huangchuan Xingzhi Middle School on February 10, and uniformly arranged the preparation for the new semester and the epidemic prevention and control work.At the meeting, Peng Xizhou, the president of Henan Xizhou Education Group, further clarified the guiding ideology of the group’s development, proposed to actively lead and strengthen the sense of responsibility;Strengthen fine management, improve quality consciousness;Advocate unity and cooperation, cultivate cooperation consciousness;Promote the growth of teachers, strengthen the consciousness of “four retention”;Do a good job of the “four” activities, enhance the connotation of consciousness and other five work objectives.From strengthening process management, improve service quality;Pay close attention to teaching routine, improve teaching efficiency;Tamping foundation, reducing burden and increasing efficiency;Based on the platform, beyond development;Testing and evaluation, pragmatic and innovative;Extracurricular activities, rich content;Strengthen team building and change work style;We will earnestly carry out other work and give specific guidance on eight aspects, including the harmonious development of the school, and make specific arrangements for the new term and epidemic prevention and control in the near future.The new semester starts a new journey with new goals and new missions.The horn of the new semester has been blown, all the people in West Zhou are determined to ride on their horses, seek truth and be pragmatic, and make joint efforts, which will surely make the education enterprise of the group reach a new level and create new glory in 2022.(Xinyang News hotline: 0376-6880376, email: yxxy2013@126.com.The “Elephant Escort Office” of Image.net tel: 180 0371 9699)