Zibo City Sports Center to carry out “Our Festival Spring Festival” public health monitoring activities

2022-06-08 0 By

Zibo, February 5 – In order to implement the “national fitness regulations” and “national fitness monitoring work regulations”, to promote the national fitness campaign widely carried out, the Spring Festival, February 5, zibo city sports center in the comprehensive sports hall to carry out public fitness monitoring activities.At the scene of the physical tests, the staff for fitness test height, weight, vital capacity, grip strength, vertical jump in succession, crook proneness, choice reaction time and close my eyes standing on one foot, push-ups and sit-ups in a minute, the step load experiment 11 projects, and through the test data, the “pulse” to the health of the citizens and check at the same time,Each test taker was provided with a corresponding “fitness prescription”.”This physical monitoring is very targeted and is of great benefit to our bodies.”Testing can help us understand our physical health and find abnormal indicators, so that we can do more targeted fitness activities in the future, improve our physical fitness and enjoy a better life.”Citizen Yang Bin said.Carrying out national physical fitness monitoring is an important standard to measure the achievements of national fitness and the development of sports undertakings, and it is an effective means to meet the needs of social development, scientifically guide fitness and set up a correct concept of fitness.In the future, the city sports center will continue to increase the number of monitoring people and projects, through a large number of times, all-round physical monitoring work, find out the general citizens’ physical quality, through health “pulse”, to provide citizens with scientific fitness knowledge and methods, to help the construction of “healthy Zibo”.Reporter Yin Ke, correspondent Sun Jie ying, Zibo Rong Media Center of Dazhong Daily