TES “banding” is going viral!Casa is in class A with 369, and Left hand is in class D with Asui

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Foreword: now standing in the public opinion storm on the team is TES team, can be said to win the S11 champion EDG team are not its heat high.TES is the reason for the discussion is very simple, that is, we want to see TES next operation is what, how the performance on the field.TES kept changing the starting lineup, but the results were disappointing.So, there are netizens suggested TES group debut, and according to TES players and the performance of the former players, the classification.Before, Casa in the chat with the left hand, teasing TES can form a “TES48” debut, which also makes TES every game is looking forward to, especially against the team with former TES players.From the current competition, leaving TES casa and 369 performance is very good, and the team’s results are better than TES.So in the classification, Casa and 369 were assigned to the best A class.Some netizens even suggested that 369 could make a direct debut in C position, because 369 was so badly hacked before, and immediately showed its strong strength after leaving TES.In the class map, among the players leaving TES, Kasa, 369, Qiuqiu, Aki, Photic and so on have won MVP, so Photic, Qiuqiu and Aki are divided into class B.The outperformance of the departing players compared with TES ‘dismal record made the transition look like a joke.TES last game against RNG, Nosuke did well, so Komen and Mark were placed in class C.TES core players left hand and Ah Shui, is divided into the D class.TES each transfer period, is around the water and left hand, and the side of the teammates constantly changing, left hand and the state of the water also appeared changes, especially always stable left hand, but also in the game against RNG, was the tiger played two rounds of MVP, state is very poor.As for Ah Shui, he always likes to “fill the cup”, open the ball with his body, and may even be the one to deliver it.And Prophet, Zhuo, and Sunny Day were assigned to class F for poor performance.But many netizens said they wanted to vote Zhuo back to life, because Zhuo was defeated by public opinion, not power.Blind son jun analysis summary from RNG and TES competition popularity comparison can be seen that TES real fans are not much, less than half of RNG.But LPL viewers love to watch TES play, especially when it comes to teams with former TES players.Because every time TES loses, some fans find an excuse to throw the blame on one of the contestants and everyone is waiting to see TES ‘jokes.In fact, TES strength is not as strong as we expected, TES this team is a LPL mid-stream team, core players play well, can enter the playoffs.If the core players are in bad shape, they will not make the playoffs, and the situation is that the left hand and aqui are not able to step up, so they can not even retain the first place in the East.So, how do you look at TES’s wave of classes?Rational discussion is welcome.