Ordos place name: the origin of the place name of Sumi Tu Sumu in Etoke Banner

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Sumi Tu sumu: located in the south of Etoke Banner, it borders Garutu and Wu Shen Zhao in the south, bayinnur township in the east, Chahannur and Baole Haoxiao in the north, and Erer and Tusumu in the west.The Sumu government is based in Udzurnur.Sumitu, a Mongolian word, means the land of temples.Haga map to the territory (village) an ancient temple site named.Jurisdiction 8 gacha, 35 natural villages.Uzidnur: Village.Sumitu Sumu station.At the beginning of liberation, the village was named after wuzhidunur in front of the village, which means palace lake in Mongolian language.Legend, the island in the middle of the lake was overgrown with weeds, a barren, Genghis Khan had a palace tent on the western expedition.Chahan Aubao: Gacha.Three kilometers west of Sumitu.Jurisdiction over 5 natural villages.Chahanaobao is a Mongolian word meaning white aobao.Qing Jiaqing nineteen years (1814) built in this rexi full peli Lin Temple, commonly known as Chahan Aobao Temple.We use it in large groups.Chahanaobo: Village.Chahanobao Gacha station.2 km west of Sumitu Sumu station.In the 19th year of Qing Jiaqing, rexi Quan PI Lin Temple was built here, commonly known as Chahan Ao Bao Temple, and later used as a village.Bagarr and Tu: Gacha.21 km south of sumitu Sumu station.Jurisdiction over 3 natural villages.Erhetu, a Mongolian word, means sacred and inviolable.This one has the size of two bars and a diagram beam, this is a small bar and a diagram beam.Sumitu: Gacha.15 km southeast of sumitu sumu station.Jurisdiction over 5 natural villages.Originally belonging to the twelfth District of Otok Banner, in 1958, the brigade was designated, and the brigade was named after the ruins of Sumitu Temple in Hasatu Village, which means the place where there is a temple.It was changed to Sumitu Gacha in 1983.Bayanbragg: Gacha.In sumi tu Sumu resident 21 kilometers south hubei, Ukraine two flags junction.Jurisdiction over 6 natural villages.The battalion was founded in 1979 and was named after the village of Bayinbragg.Bayanbragg, a Mongolian word, means abundant spring water.Because it is located in the lower wetland zone south of Uzhidunur, the groundwater level is high and there are many springs, so it is named.It was changed to Gacha in 1983.Hadatto: Gacha.12 kilometers north of sumitu Sumu station.Jurisdiction over 6 natural villages.Hadatu, a Mongolian word, means stone.Qing Jiaqing fifteen years (1809), the herdsmen Gongbuzabu donated silver temple in Hadatu Lakeside, because of the lake around the rocks, so the name.Suji: Gacha.27 km northeast of sumitu Sumu station.Jurisdiction over 4 natural villages.Suge, adjective, meaning “milky and watery”.There is a spring here, the water is better, so named.Chahan Tolgoi: Gacha.19 km east of sumitu sumu station.Jurisdiction over 3 natural villages.Chahan Tolegi, the Mongolian language, means white mounds, how long little white artemisia, looking white, hence the name.Ushi: Gacha.13 km east of sumitu station.Jurisdiction over 4 natural villages.The origin of the term bashi is unclear.Source: Gazetteer of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (Ike Zhaomeng Branch), November 1986.On April 30, 2001, The State Council approved the cancellation of Yike Zhaomeng and the establishment of Ordos City.By Huang Xiang, January 2022