The public found the Yellow River side relief error related construction units said as soon as possible error correction

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Lanzhou Evening News: “In the guangxu years of the late Qing Dynasty, Peng Yingjia made a great contribution to lanzhou’s economy. Our descendants should remember and learn from him. Therefore, the name on the relief should not be wrongly written as Peng Ying ‘home’, but the correct name is’ Peng Yingjia ‘, I hope relevant departments can correct it.”On February 16, Mr. Zhang, an enthusiastic citizen, reported to the column of “Reporter Running” that there were several relief sculptures promoting Lanzhou on the fitness walk at Baitashan Pier, Beibinhe Road, Chengguan District. One of the sculptures recorded that Peng Yingjia built the Yellow River iron Bridge appeared the wrong name, which was easy to make visitors misunderstand.Reporters will this situation to Lanzhou water transport group feedback, the person in charge said that after viewing will be corrected as soon as possible.That morning, the reporter and Mr. Zhang came to the Baitashan pier to see that there are 5 relief relief on the fitness trail, which publicized lanzhou Baitashan and Yellow River Iron Bridge captilemisspelled Peng Yingjia’s name as Peng Ying “home”, and here in the west of the Yellow River iron Bridge “to create lanzhou Yellow River iron Bridge inscription” is correct.Enthusiastic citizen Zhang said: “A few months ago, AFTER I found this problem, I looked up relevant materials and learned that it is indeed a mistake.Because relief on the ground, ordinary people do not pay much attention to, look carefully will find, I hope the relevant departments can correct mistakes as soon as possible, do not let visitors misunderstanding.”Subsequently, the reporter contacted the construction of the relief of Lanzhou water Transport group, and the situation was feedback, the company sent relevant personnel to view the scene said that they will correct the mistake as soon as possible, at the same time, thank the warm-hearted citizens to remind and media coordination help.Sun Jianrong, reporter of Lanzhou Daily/Photo: Su Xiaowen