Zhengzhou traffic police rescue candidate after his ID card falls into manhole

2022-06-06 0 By

The 2022 Teacher qualification examination for the first half of the year officially began on March 12, with 20 test centers set up under the jurisdiction of the No.2 Traffic Police Brigade of Zhengzhou.At 8:20 in the morning, is the 19th middle school in the middle of the implementation of the teacher certificate examination task of the second squadron deputy captain Zhang Zhiliang received 3 candidates for help, said their 48-hour nucleic acid test time is about to expire, need to do nucleic acid test again.Zhang Zhiliang immediately assigned auxiliary police Officers Li Hao, Zhang Tianci and Zhang Wenxiang to drive police motorcycles respectively to take the examinee to zhengzhou Central Hospital for nucleic acid testing.At 8:45, the nucleic acid test candidates will be successfully returned to the 19th middle school to take the exam.At 12:50 at noon, the traffic police two brigade two squadron police are on duty in front of 19 baihua Road, a girl to auxiliary police Sun Yongbin for help, said his ID card slipped from his hands, just fell into the roadside manhole well.Sun Yongbin and his colleagues came to the manhole well, vaguely can see the id card inside the manhole well.Two people together will open the manhole cover, Sun Yongbin found that the manhole well is about 1 meter deep, stretching his arm can not reach, he jumped into the manhole well will pick up the ID card, to the candidates to take the exam.According to statistics, on The day of the teacher qualification examination on March 12, traffic police two brigade received a total of 18 candidates for help, all timely solution, smoothly into the examination room.Source: Elephant News