Year four, don’t forget to open the door to meet the God of wealth, there are 2 to eat 3 taboos 1 do not stay, receive wealth receive blessing everything

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Year 4, also is the lunar calendar January 4, also known as “sheep”, a symbol “three sheep (Yang) kaitai”, is a lucky day, so in the annual 4 this day, people to busy to meet the god, god and around this theme, folk to conduct a series of activities, is a matter of eating and taboo, of course this is why people in praying for the New Year auspicious, at the beginning of New Year,Who doesn’t want to win?Whether ordinary people, or merchants, attach great importance to the god of wealth, people hope that the god of wealth can be more blessing.On the fifth day of every year, it is said that the god of wealth’s birthday is a good day for businesses to open the market, and people should welcome the god of wealth back to the world.But why pick it up on the fourth day of the New Year?Businessmen often deal with business, so for the god of wealth will be more respectful, and people for money, are thinking about some early received the god of wealth, generally in the fourth night of the New Year will be the god of wealth back, hoping to get the city, we can see “volume” this behavior in ancient times.Generally on the fourth day of the first month, people will prepare in advance to welcome the god of wealth items, reverently to meet the god of wealth.At midnight on the fifth day of the first lunar month, people will open their gates and set off fireworks to welcome the god of wealth.So when I was a child on the fourth day of the year at eleven o ‘clock in the evening will sound a firecracker, to the early morning, will again sound crackling crackling firecrackers, very lively.The fourth day of the Lunar New Year is also the day when people welcome the Kitchen God.On the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month, the Kitchen god returns to heaven to report to the people. People give him sweet melon first in the hope that he will have good words to say.On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, it is the time for the Kitchen God to return to the people. People also prepare offerings and set off firecrackers to welcome the God.As the saying goes, “the first two dumplings, the third zygote to turn home,” the fourth day of the lunar New Year to eat what?Around the theme of receiving and greeting god, people’s food on the fourth day of the lunar New Year is also very particular.The so-called basket, in fact, is a kind of risotto, thrift is popular since ancient times in China’s folk traditional virtues, the fourth day of the Chinese New Year to eat a basket is a reflection.On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, people will put the dishes left over from the previous days together and make a big pot dish to eat, which is also called “basket”.This custom can be found in many parts of our country, such as Shandong, Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing and so on. In addition, folding basket is also called “folding dish” in northern Jiangsu province, and there are special “folding dish restaurants” in various places.It is a sign of thrift to make all kinds of leftovers into stewed dishes and eat them.In addition, vegetables are a symbol of wealth, all kinds of vegetables mean that wealth will come together, and big fish and meat symbolize good fortune, so eating a basket on the fourth day also means to attract wealth and increase wealth.The fourth day of the Lunar New Year is the day to take in the god, especially the Kitchen God, and people’s every move and performance are observed.Therefore, on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, people will be very low-key in their diet. They will no longer eat big fish and meat, but choose simple and simple pancakes and eggs.I hope to leave a good impression on the Kitchen God that he is industrious and thrifty, so as to obtain the continued blessing of the Kitchen God for a safe and beautiful life.In fact, it is also very simple to make pancakes with eggs. Add wheat flour to water to make batter, and stir eggs into a bowl in advance. In addition, you can prepare some other side dishes for seasoning, such as lettuce, leeks, scallions, of course, these ingredients themselves also have good meanings.Heat a pan with oil. When it’s warm, spoon some of the batter into the bottom of the pan and turn it slowly to form a pancake. Then pour some egg mixture into the pan, evenly spread the egg mixture and sprinkle with garnishes.Burn both sides until done, then roll them up and serve them.Although simple, also very simple, but just out of the pot pancake roll egg, it is also very delicious.Having said food, we will talk about the taboos of the fourth day of the lunar New Year, which is also related to the customs of welcoming god.The fourth day of the lunar New Year is the day to receive the god of wealth and welcome the God of kitchen, so nature can not go far away.It is said that when the Kitchen God returns to the people, he will call the roll, just like when we were in college, the teacher would call the roll and if you were not there, the teacher would leave a deep and bad impression.The same is true for the kitchen God. Therefore, on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, people should not go out of their homes. Instead, they should prepare for it at home in advance and greet it respectfully to show their sincerity.The fourth day of the Lunar New Year is the day to welcome the Kitchen God.Imagine that the fourth day of the Lunar New Year is the first day of the Kitchen God’s return. If you break something, it is obviously an act of disrespect.If it is broken by accident, you should say “more and more” or “Peace and peace.”In addition, the fourth day of the Lunar New Year is still in the Chinese New Year, pay attention to festival and peace, breaking things will destroy this beautiful atmosphere.At any time, quarrel is an injury to harmony, hurt feelings of things, just as the so-called “harmony begets wealth”, quarrel, is obviously unlucky.Moreover, the fourth day of the lunar New Year is the day to receive god and welcome God. Quarreling in front of the gods is also an act of disrespect, which will inevitably affect the future days.1 not we all know that on the first day to grade exquisite not garbage, not to wash clothes, do not pour water, etc., it must be all full, so on the day of year 4, will put these days have accumulated rubbish collection together, throw, meaning “poor”, so the annual 4 this day is also known as “poor”.In addition, the fourth day of the year is the day to meet god, will be clean home, but also appear to pay more attention to and respect.The Spring Festival is the beginning of a New Year, people hope to win a good fortune, so every day of the Spring Festival, there are many customs and exquisite, from food to travel and life, which is people’s expectation and yearning for a better life.It’s good to have dreams, in case they come true.Here I also wish you all the best in the New Year, a successful life and a prosperous fortune!This article is xiao Jasmine food original, code word is not easy, bad we media plagiarism, handling.Welcome to like, favorites and retweet!Thank you for your support!