Top 10 Adult Education promotion scams, Are you Falling for them?

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After a tortuous education promotion process, brics senior became a doctor after a long illness and became a professional.Gold “brick” senior: adult record of formal schooling this matter clear!Topic of the day: Are you Fooled by the top 10 scams for adult education promotion?”There are no barriers to pass the thesis,” “one year can quickly get the diploma,” “only a few thousand yuan, you can get a college diploma”…Does any of this sound familiar?In today’s society, a high degree, in the process of job hunting, promotion, not to “break through the thorns”, at least can support themselves to “brave the wind and waves”.So now more and more people are upgrading their education, but with it, all kinds of scams!Seniors, like many people, have encountered various scams in the process of upgrading their degrees.Degree promotion scams so many, how to avoid being fooled?Today, senior students to expose the adult education promotion of the top ten fraud, I hope we improve vigilance, to avoid the pit!First: register at any time, unlimited many colleges and universities have enrollment quota, when the season is full, candidates can only wait for the next season, so you have to wait for more than half a year to get the graduation certificate.Some institutions take advantage of examinees want to get the certificate early psychology, claiming that they can register at any time, unlimited.The result?Examinee paid high tuition fees, or half a year late to take graduation certificate.Second: the highest content of gold to understand the content of gold, first of all to clear adult education promotion what form.Include at present: take an examination of oneself, become an examination of, net teachs and the state to open, above 4 kinds belong to blame full-time record of formal schooling, also be the record of formal schooling that the country admits, can be used at taking an examination of one’s deceased father grind similarly, take an examination of public wait, without which kind of means is the view with highest gold content!Third: Exaggerated propaganda a lot of institutions to promote the high book 4 years to finish, this is just exaggerated propaganda, is to charge you more money.Ministry of Education regulation cannot jump record of formal schooling level to sign up for read!So you still want to rise specialized subject first, read undergraduate course again.In 2017, thousands of students at an adult university were found to have changed their student registration.The school overenrolled so many students that it transferred them to another school.When the student graduated, he found that his diploma belonged to another school.There are still some unscrupulous institutions that transfer students to cheaper and less well-known schools in order to make more profits.Fifth: only responsible for registration, do not provide services after many institutions charge, only responsible for helping students in the school registration, without any educational services!The value of the organization lies in providing students with quality services to help them get their diploma smoothly and easily.Formal institutions, there will be an agreement to ensure that students take a diploma, and not just talk about it.Sixth: 3 months to get the diploma some institutions announced that 3 months can get the diploma.First of all, everyone should be clear, the Ministry of Education has strict regulations on adult education, school hours is the red line.Normal way rises high only, rise only this to arrive 3 years in 2.5 years commonly.Seventh: which cheap read which senior met a lot of candidates cheated because of low publicity.Some institutions are just taking advantage of people’s greed for small bargains, claiming lower than the market price.But this kind of situation generally has 3 kinds of consequence: one kind is half way increase price;One is empty houses;There is a more terrible, after paying nothing, as to whether you can graduate, all rely on their own fate!Because the adult school system is 2.5 years, some careless students sign up to pay the money, do not care about their academic situation.Wait until the time of graduation, only to find that the organization is empty, can not contact the teacher, the school and the school letter network can not find any information of their own.So, seniors remind you, must pay attention to their academic situation at any time: first, the school letter network check their school status is registered;Second, enter the school’s official website, check their academic situation, including their own disciplines and credits;Third, often contact with educational affairs teachers.Ninth: The cheaper the tuition, the higher the hidden cost some institutions claim that the tuition is only 500 yuan.But after examinee signs up, begin to collect book cost, tuition and miscellaneous fee, remedial fee, final exam fee, thesis fee to wait a moment with all sorts of name.In the end, it cost more than 10,000!All, seniors suggest that you must ask clearly before signing up for money, it is best to sign an agreement.Such their own reading clearly, no worries.Ten: the exam is simple, easy to graduate into the exam is not difficult?If it is a recent graduate candidates, not a big problem;On-the-job personnel who graduate for a long time, want to study afresh, still have a bit difficulty.Some institutions take advantage of this and let students pay full tuition first.If you fail the exam, the money is not refunded, let students continue to take the exam next year.Students delay time not to say, to the end or test, and do not refund the money.Delay graduation time, also waste a lot of financial and material resources.So before signing up for reading must choose according to oneself circumstance, do not believe very good graduation this kind of nonsense easily!Diploma in today’s society has become a rigid need, the number of adult education increased year by year, we must look for reliable institutions, alert to fraud in the examination process.Here, the senior also give you a warning: 1, careful choice of institutions.Choose training institutions to understand in detail, especially to review whether they have relevant qualifications, follow-up services, to avoid falling into the trap of “fake institutions”.2, beware of exaggerated claims such as “low price, barrier-free certificate” in recruitment advertisements.The false publicity of some institutions itself is suspected of violation.Any formal institution would not use such slogans as “one year to get a certificate” to recruit students.